Networking with BSK branches

General Secretary Mrs. Elizabeth Muriuki appreciates Mr.Matthew Kiraithe, outgoing Meru branch chairman

General Secretary Mrs. Elizabeth Muriuki appreciates Mr.Matthew Kiraithe, outgoing Meru branch chairman

BSK continues to appreciate her members and the work they do in the branches. Currently the Society has eight branches including Machakos, Nairobi, Meru, Nyeri, Vihiga, Kakamega, Kericho and Kisumu.

On January 24th and 25th 2017, a team from BSK consisting of the General Secretary Mrs. Elizabeth Muriuki, Head of Operations Mr. Thomas Tharao and Eastern Zone Manager Rev. William Matolo visited the Meru Branch to discuss the nomination process of new Board members as well as interact with the existing members.

The team had a chance to visit with two BSK retired executive committee members Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Mwithimbu. He was appreciated for being one of the founders of the Meru branch and for serving diligently in different capacities over the years. The couple were appreciated with a gift from BSK and they were very grateful.

The team also held a meeting with the branch to discuss on how to further

Group photo of BSK Management and Meru branch officials

Group photo of BSK Management and Meru branch officials

the Society work in the grassroots. During the meeting, two members who had served faithfully for 8 years, Mr. Matthew Kiraithe and Mrs. Esther Kairithia were lauded for their untiring efforts to see the branch grow.

A similar successful meeting was held in Nyeri branch at the beginning of February. We thank God for the work BSK branches are doing on the ground, and trust that the branch network will continue to grow and impact communities.


Equipping Children with Scripture

Do you teach your child how to read and study the word of God? BSK is passionate about children learning God’s word. The Society participated in a Programme for Pastoral Instruction (PPI) trainer of trainers workshop organized by Scripture Union on January 30th–3rd February 2017 at Mary Ward Centre, Karen.

Group photo of participants during the PPI workshop

Group photo of participants during the PPI workshop

The purpose of the meeting was to equip participants on discipling children for Christ. The trainers were equipped with skills on how to integrate children’s games in teaching children God’s word in general and using the PPI content in Primary schools.

BSK realizes that children need to know and appreciate the word of God from a tender age so as to apply it in their lives when they grow up. This will enable them to be leaders with a difference in years to come.

The 41 participants present at the event were drawn from organizations that are interested in the children’s outreach and the PPI program. Some of these members were from CONNET (Children Outreach Network) e.g. BSK, Maisha Kara Children’s Foundation, Life Words, Scripture Union, Christ is the answer Ministries, Nairobi Chapel and One Hope. Mr. James Kathuraku, the Bible Advocacy and Scripture Use Manager represented BSK at the forum.

The facilitators were from Australia, Pakistan and Scripture Union of Kenya. They emphasised the importance of teaching PPI in schools and Churches, as this will give children a good foundation of God’s word.

BSK plans to implement the PPI programme in 10 schools, and train 100 teachers in 2017. The first training is scheduled for 25th February 2017 at St. Luke’s ACK Church in Muthurwa, Banana, Kiambu County.



Courtesy call to EACC Chair

From left to right General Secretary Mrs. Elizabeth Muriuki, Board Chairman Prof. Mumo Kisau, EACC Chair retired Arch Bishop Eliud Wabukhala, Mr. Halakhe Waqo, CEO EACC and Eastern Zone Operations Manager Rev. Matolo

From left to right General Secretary Mrs. Elizabeth Muriuki, Board Chairman Prof. Mumo Kisau, EACC Chair retired Arch Bishop Eliud Wabukhala, Mr. Halakhe Waqo, CEO EACC and Eastern Zone Operations Manager Rev. William Matolo

A team from Bible Society of Kenya consisting of the Board Chairman Prof. Mumo Kisau, General Secretary Mrs. Elizabeth Muriuki, and Eastern Zone Operations Manager Rev.Canon William Matolo paid a courtesy call to the recently appointed Chairman, Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission Bishop Eliud Wabukhala to congratulate him

on his new assignment. Present in the meeting was Mr. Halakhe Waqo Chief Executive Officer Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission.

The Chair thanked the leaders for their time and support, and emphasized the need to join hands so as to win the war on graft.

Audio Scriptures bring hope to Kenya’s hopeless


A man sharing his testimony on the impact of FCBH programme in his life

A man sharing his testimony on the impact of FCBH programme

Audio Scriptures bring hope to Kenya’s hopeless

‘I don’t have words to express my gratitude to God. I am a completely different person. The devil wanted to kill me but I know that God will keep me and protect me. I believe in the verse in 2 Corinthians 5:17 that says that if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation, the old had gone and all things have become new.’

Peter is receiving help from the Greater Life Concern (GLC) Ministry Rehabilitation Concern Ministry Centre in Mlango Kubwa, Kenya. He was brought there by a stranger, an act that saved his life:

‘My mother abandoned me as a young child. I was brought up by my grandmother. I started becoming rebellious from a small age. My grandmother could not control me. I left home and started living in the streets. I became a street boy where I engaged in stealing, smoking cigarettes, sniffing glue, and all the evil things that people do in the streets. I was heading to an early death, but I thank God that he was merciful for me.’

Peter and others at the centre who are seeking to leave behind lives of addiction and violence will now receive spiritual support in the form of the Faith Comes by Hearing (FCBH) audio Scripture program. Staff from the Bible Society of Kenya visited the centre in December to introduce the program. They met with 30 people who are receiving assistance and heard their moving testimonies of how God’s Word is already at work:

I started taking alcohol after my university education. When I started I thought it was just social drinking but slowly it became a habit that I could not control. I was employed as an accountant in different places but was sacked because of alcoholism. The worst was when I was employed as a senior Accountant at 680 Hotel. Life became extremely hard for me. I was chased from the house I was living in, I did not have food to eat and my friends and family deserted me. I ended up sleeping on the streets. I learnt about this rehabilitation centre from the newspapers and I brought myself here. I accepted Christ in my heart and my life has completely changed. I thank God because he has a good plan for my life.’ Peter (anonymus)

I am a trained soldier. I started drinking heavily after my training. I was so addicted to alcohol, cigarettes, pornography and strip dances. I could not live a single day without indulging in these behaviours. After serving in the forces for about three years, I was sacked because I had turned into a zombie. After I had lived alone for some time without hope, a friend of mine told me about this centre and I joined. I accepted Christ in my heart and my life has been changed. I cannot regret the decision I made to follow Christ. I know that I am here for a good reason.’ Mulinge (anonymous)

Faith Comes By Hearing program aims at reaching the population which cannot read and write with audio scriptures. FCBH reaches different groups including churches, primary and secondary schools, universities and colleges, prisons and communities where literacy levels are low. The programme is conducted on a daily or weekly basis in the heart language of the people.

FCBH gives an alternative to the printed scriptures for those who cannot read, afford printed Scriptures, the visually challenged and those who prefer listening or learning in groups. It also facilitates discussion of the Scriptures, enabling people in groups to understand deep Scripture themes.

The people who listen to the audio scriptures will mature in their faith and have a better understanding of its contents, leading to better decision-making and choices in life.



BSK to launch the Revised Kalenjin Bible

The Bible Society of Kenya will soon launch its 23rd Bible; the Revised Kalenjin Bible.

Kalenjin Bible Translators with the BSK General Secretary

Kalenjin Bible Translators with the BSK General Secretary Mrs. Elizabeth Muriuki and Head of Operations  Mr. Thomas Tharao (right)

This long awaited Bible has taken 7 years to revise. The project began in 2007 with three translators, Rev. Samuel Kikwai (AGC), Father Charles Kiruy (Catholic) and Rev Rugut (RGC) later replace by Bishop Musa Maina (RGC). A team of Reviewers and Management Committee members team also worked tirelessly to see this Bible come to fruition. The Society desires to see the lives of the Kalenjin community transformed through God’s word that’s why it’s in the process of availing this Bible for use soon.

The Kalenjin community is made up of 14 mutually intelligible dialects, which can be grouped into four clusters: the Rift Valley, the Mt. Elgon, the Pokot and the Ogiek groups. Initially, there was only one Bible for all the dialects, which was published in 1939 based entirely on the Nandi dialect. Most of the dialects could not understand this Bible hence leading to the publishing of the Kalenjin Union version in 1969. This version adequately caters for all the Rift Valley dialects. Later on, the Pokot Bible was launched in 2009 to cater for the Pokot speakers.

In 2002, the Kalenjin Church leaders approached the Bible Society of Kenya with a request to have the Kalenjin Union Bible’s contents readdressed to make them more understood by their people.

The Kalenjin language belongs to the South Nilotic group of languages. It has several dialects, but the most mutually intelligible ones include Nandi, Kipsigis, Tugen, Terik, Marakwet, and Keiyo. All these people are estimated to be over 3 million in number (1999 census). Their basic lifestyle evolves around livestock farming, especially cattle, sheep and goats, for the purpose of both sale and domestic use. Cash crop farming is also practised in some areas like Trans-Nzoia County.

The whole region occupied by the Kalenjin community has mixed climatic conditions: Whereas some areas are rich in both soil and rainfall, some are both arid and semi-arid with agriculturally unproductive land, but ideal for livestock keeping, especially goats. Despite this picture, poverty is rampant amongst the people. The literacy level is average due to especially the younger generation’s interest in pursuing studies. Most of the older generation (40 years and above) is illiterate, but fluent speakers of their respective dialects.

Features of this new Bible include; Extra Features in the Revised Kalenjin Bible

  • DC books.
  • Pictures/Illustrations.
  • Enhanced footnote and explanatory notes.
  • Enhanced cross reference system
  • Words that have similar meaning in different Kalenjin dialects
  • Kalenjin calendar
  • A precious stones table
  • A preface and various introductions to the Bibles
  • Concordance of word occurrences and references in the Bible
  • Enhanced glossary table
  • Enhanced maps

The Bible Society of Kenya is therefore very privileged to avail this Bible to the Kalenjin community so that they can read God’s word in a language they understand best!






Engaging Kenya’s young people through planting trees

Caring for God’s creation is a key message in the Bible. The Bible Society of Kenya responded to this message very

This is how its done says Mrs. Elizabeth Muriuki, General Secretary

This is how its done, says Mrs. Elizabeth Muriuki, General Secretary

practically in December with a Trees for Bibles event that saw young people plant trees. It was a strong reminder that trees are vital for everybody’s survival and that, without trees, we would not be able to produce any Bibles.

Trees for Bibles brought together young people from churches, Bible Society Nairobi branch members, friends and staff. In the run-up to the event, more than 20 youth pastors meet at Bible House to plan how to encourage young people from all Church backgrounds to participate. They made a commitment to partnering with the Society to reach out to young people and to share God’s Word with them so that they can make a difference in society.

The programme for the day included not only planting trees, but also walk to a location where trees had been planted previously and team-building activities. The speaker was Mr. T, a gospel artist, preacher and television presenter.

Planting trees if fun!

Planting trees if fun! The youth say

Bible Society General Secretary Elizabeth Muriuki thanked all the young people for attending and encouraged them to become members of the Society.



Role: Marketing and Communications Manager

Reports to: General Secretary

The Bible Society of Kenya (BSK) is a non-denominational organization that was registered in 1970 under the Societies Act with the aim of holistic transformation of people’s lives through the sharing the good news of Jesus Christ by translating, producing ,distributing and encouraging the use of the Holy Scriptures.

The Society serves all Christian Churches, Church organizations and individuals through several programmes which include; Translation, distribution, Faith comes by hearing, HIV/AIDS, Youth and children outreach, Braille Scriptures, Church relations, and outreach to marginalize communities.


Role and responsibilities
The Marketing and Communications Manager will work closely with the teams to raise BSK’s brand visibility, manage the messaging for internal and external communication, and develop and manage the marketing and communications budget. This will require a cohesive, comprehensive marketing and communications strategy and subsequent execution.

Key accountabilities

    • Work with Senior Management to formulate strategy to work with relevant stakeholders;
    • Work with managers to understand their marketing and communications related challenges to be incorporated into strategy;
    • Develop marketing, communication and brand standards guidelines to ensure uniform adoption of the brand;
    • Conduct market research;
    • Systematically monitor formal and informal broadcasts, print and social media for BSK coverage;
    • Manage BSK’s communications externally through different forums;
    • Manage media relations and coverage for increased brand visibility;
    • Guide on event planning for all BSK events to enusre good customer experience and communication of key messages;
    • Planning and implementation of promotional campaigns
    • Continually guide and oversee the review of the BSK’S product offering to ensure they remain relevant;
    • Develop and manage marketing budget
    • Develop and manage the process of new product development/program development;
    • Develop a process for customer feedback and set customer satisfaction index and continually improve on customer experience; and
    • Manage team and departmental performance.

Key requirements

    • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communication or related degree (Master’s degree and added advantage) with additional qualifications in Marketing and/or Communications.
    • Six (6) years‘ experience in marketing and communications for a non-governmental or church affiliated organization.
    • Membership to a proffessional body.
    • Commited christian.
    • A track record of proven delivery, demonstrating both creative and analytical skills.
    • Ability to manage projects with two or more stakeholders using a collaborative approach and ability to operate under pressure.
    • Strong communication and presentation skills
    • Budget management skills
    • Relationship building and rapport skills

If you meet the requirements of this position ;submit your application with a detailed CV, stating current position, current salary, full contact details of three (3) referees and telephone contacts to by 25th January 2017.

BSK will only process applications submitted through the online address above. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Reading the Bible is fun!

The much awaited Nairobi Bible Eagles Club Fun day took place on Saturday November 10th 2016 at Madaraka Primary School. The teachers and parents braved the cold and brought their excited children to participate in the fun filled event.

Despite the heavy downpour that started falling from as early as 10am, the children were very thrilled and energetic. The rains could not stop them from showing their determination to learn the word of God and have fun.

Children enjoying themselves during the Bible Eagles Nairobi event

Children enjoying themselves during the Bible Eagles Nairobi event

The children were drawn from churches around Nairobi and its environs. The lessons proceeded as the torrents continued. After the classes, the children were treated to a sumptuous lunch. The fun did not stop at that; there were presentations by children from various churches ranging from recitals, songs, dance moves, poems, and many other fields that the children showcased their multiple talents and prowess.
“I really enjoyed myself today! I have met new friends, played games, danced and learnt God’s word. Next year I will bring a friend” Anne Njeri
Bouncing castles were in plenty and the children who preferred to have their beautiful faces painted got treated to the same. There were competitions of various categories ranging from team to individual efforts. The games and competition offered learning grounds to the children as they were taught the importance of working in unity and the power of working as a team especially at the tug of war game.
At the end of the event the best teams and individuals were awarded as the happy crowd cheered them. The joy was all over on the children’s faces and some wished that the event could go on until dusk. BSK looks forward to seeing this year’s participants in the next BEC event, and also extends a warm welcome to new members.


A boy keenly reading the word of God during the BEC Nairobi event

A boy keenly reading the word of God during the BEC Nairobi event

This was the fifth to take place this year. Similar successful events have been held earlier in the year in Kisumu, Bungoma, Nyeri and Machakos Counties where over 3000 children have participated. One more event is scheduled to take place in Kakamega County in December 2016.
The General Secretary appreciates all the staff for their continued dedication in making the BEC events successful. May God richly bless you!

God speaks igikuria language

The Bible Society of Kenya held a great fundraising dinner on November 11th 2016 at the Intercontinental Hotel to raise funds to translate the Igikuria Bible. The abakuria are a community found in both Kenya and Tanzania. In Kenya they reside in Migori County while in Tanzania they reside in the Tarime, Musoma, Bunda and Serengeti districts in the North western region with a population of over 550,000 people.

Guests seated during the dinner

Guests seated during the dinner

BSK in partnership with Bible Society of Tanzania began working on this project in 2013. The Kuria Community has the New Testament Bible that was launched in 1996 and is now on the journey to having a complete Bible. Through the generous giving of BSK partners, supporters and friends, a number of books have been fully funded through the fundraising event of 2015 as well as other generous supporters.

This year’s event brought together over 100 guests from different spheres of society including Church leaders, Partners from Corporate Organizations, Board members and staff who gathered in solidarity to be part of this noble cause to support the kuria community have their own Bible as well as support the greater vision of BSK which is Society of choice for all Scripture needs.

The Chief Guest of this event was Dr. Isaac Kalua, Chairperson of Honda Kenya and the Green Africa Foundation. Dr. Kalua has been very passionate about supporting the translation of this Bible so as to see the kuria community have a Bible in their own language. He read from the book of Mark 14 and encouraged the gathering noting that in the christian journey we need to always put on the full armor of God so that when the day of evil comes, we may be able to stand our ground. He added that if we don’t pray,read the Bible or trust God we will not stand the advances of the evil one. 

The BSK Board Chairman Prof. Mumo Kisau welcomed all the guests for the event and encouraged them to consider becoming members so as to support the mandate of BSK which is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ by translating, producing, distributing and encouraging use of the Holy Scriptures.

The General Secretary Mrs. Elizabeth Muriuki thanked all the guests for turning up in large numbers to support the Igikuria Bible translation. She noted that the Abakuria are very unique people as they are very eager to receive their Bible so that they may read it better in a language they best understand. Mrs. Muriuki further emphasized that BSK desires to transform people’s lives holistically through the various programmes it runs so that we may have a transformed society.

The Mens Chorale entertaining guests

The Mens Chorale entertaining guests

The gathering was privileged to have the Mens Chorale choir comprising of men who are passionate for Christ.This team entertained the guests throughout the event with their great music and they made event to be very lively.

The Bible Society of Kenya has currently translated 21 Bibles and continues to progress with this noble task until all language groups in Kenya have a Bible in their own language!





Machakos County Hosts BSK Prayer Breakfast

A group photo of BSK Management with Machakos Branch officials

A group photo of BSK Management with Machakos Branch officials

Bible Society of Kenya held a successful prayer breakfast event in Machakos County on October 5th 2016 at Garden Hotel in Machakos Town.

The purpose of the meeting was to network, pray and sensitize the people of Machakos County about the work of the Bible Society of Kenya. The theme of the event was Transformative Leader. The Speaker of the day was Bishop Joseph Kanuku, Immediate former Bishop of ACK Makueni Diocese.

Bishop Kanuku read Scripture from the book of Luke 2:52 which says and Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and in favour with God and man. He challenged the gathering noting that growth has to be balanced in all aspects including; spiritual, social, economic, intellectual and physical. He added that transformation begins with individuals hence it should start with them.

The meeting brought together guests from various spheres of society including Church Leaders, Business Community, MCA’s from the County Assembly and the County Women representative. Other organizations represented were; Gideons, Child Evangelistic Fellowship, Scott University and Machakos Teachers Training College.

Mr. Thomas Tharao made a presentation about Bible Society of Kenya programmes and encouraged the participants to be members of Bible Society of Kenya so as to support Bible work in the country.

Machakos branch officials were also present and they encouraged the guests to join Bible Society of Kenya as members. The team from BSK was represented by Mr. Thomas Tharao, Head of Operations and Rev. Cannon William Matolo Eastern Zone Operations Manager.