Engaging Kenya’s young people through planting trees

Caring for God’s creation is a key message in the Bible. The Bible Society of Kenya responded to this message very

This is how its done says Mrs. Elizabeth Muriuki, General Secretary

This is how its done, says Mrs. Elizabeth Muriuki, General Secretary

practically in December with a Trees for Bibles event that saw young people plant trees. It was a strong reminder that trees are vital for everybody’s survival and that, without trees, we would not be able to produce any Bibles.

Trees for Bibles brought together young people from churches, Bible Society Nairobi branch members, friends and staff. In the run-up to the event, more than 20 youth pastors meet at Bible House to plan how to encourage young people from all Church backgrounds to participate. They made a commitment to partnering with the Society to reach out to young people and to share God’s Word with them so that they can make a difference in society.

The programme for the day included not only planting trees, but also walk to a location where trees had been planted previously and team-building activities. The speaker was Mr. T, a gospel artist, preacher and television presenter.

Planting trees if fun!

Planting trees if fun! The youth say

Bible Society General Secretary Elizabeth Muriuki thanked all the young people for attending and encouraged them to become members of the Society.

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