About Us

About Us

With the independence of Kenya in 1963, Churches and Kenyans in general felt the need to take the responsibility of their own Bible Society. In response to this an advisory Council was formed to help the Executive Secretary lay the ground work for an autonomous Bible Society. In 1970 the Bible Society of Kenya was registered under the Societies Act.

The goal of Bible Society Kenya is the same one that Bible Societies around the world have been pursuing for some 200 years: to translate, publish, distribute and engage people with the Bible.

Bible Society of Kenya is a non-Sectarian, non-denominational organization that serves all Christian Churches, Church organizations and individuals.


To share the Good News of Jesus Christ by translating, producing, distributing and encouraging use of the Holy Scriptures.


A People transformed by use of Holy Scriptures


To make available the Holy Scriptures in affordable and innovative formats for holistic transformation of people’s lives through translation, production, distribution and advocacy.


    • Christ-centeredness
    • Stewardship
    • Integrity
    • Inclusiveness
    • Innovation
    • Partnerships


      • Translation
      • Distribution
      • Faith comes by hearing
      • HIV/AIDS
      • Youth and children outreach
      • Braille scriptures
      • Scholarly Scriptures
      • Church relations
      • Marginalized communities outreach

Bible Society of Kenya is founded on the belief that when the Bible speaks to people’s hearts and minds, the Spirit of God transforms their lives for their own good, the good of their communities and of society at large.

Our desire is to see all people everywhere encounter God and his Son Jesus Christ through the Bible, in a language in which they think and feel, in formats that enhance understanding and are affordable. This encounter with the message of unconditional love in Jesus Christ lightens people’s hearts, and changes the way they live.

We are part of a global family
The Bible Society of Kenya  is a full member of the United Bible Societies. Since 1946 Bible Societies have worked together, seeking to serve Bible needs worldwide. The Bible Societies are an expression of the fellowship of God’s people sharing their resources. These include, for example, spiritual gifts, knowledge, money, time, talents and technology.

For more information on the work of the 145 Bible Societies working in more than 200 countries and territories click here   United Bible Societies  Fellowship

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The Service Charter Preamble

      • Bible Society of Kenya recognises the need to give its clients, partners and internal customers that is the staff, exceptional Customer Service by ensuring that the required internal processes and procedures flow seamlessly within the laid down time frames.
      • BSK acknowledges that challenges to service delivery will be encountered om time to time, and promise to adhere to the agreed service expectations between different departments’, our service providers, our members and any other stakeholders.
      • BSK is encouraged by the willingness of all the parties in working towards a common goal of the Bible Cause, and the willingness in finding mutually-beneficial solutions to our common challenges.
      1. MANDATE

To share the Good News of Jesus Christ by translating, producing, distributing and encouraging use of the Holy Scriptures

      1. 2013 – 2016 STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES
      1. To upscale translation, publishing and production of interactive and value added Scriptures.
      2. To improve marketing for increased distribution and enhanced corporate image
      3. To upscale Bible advocacy ad Scripture engagement among different audiences for spiritual, economic and social transformation.
      4. To Strengthen and diversify financial sources for sustainability of programmes.
      5. To strengthen institutional capacity through automation, capacity building and responsible corporate governance.
      1. Objectives of the Service Charter

The Charter seeks to:

      1. Ensure improved service delivery to clients, partners and internal customers.
      2. Encourage upholding of professionalism and excellence service delivery in the society
      3. Facilitate a process to define service standards for the Society
      4. Ensure an effective, efficient and responsive culture in the Society.
      1. Functions
      • Information Technology
      • Finance and Administration
      • Human Resources
      • General Secretary Office
      • Marketing and Distribution
      • Zones Operations – Church Relations
      • Publishing and Translation
      • Bible Advocacy and Scripture Use
      • The body of Christ
      • Scripture Distributors
      • Suppliers
      • Employees
      • Board of Governors

This service charter is a commitment by the Society to provide the highest standards of service to all clients and partners that Society is committed to serve effectively and efficiently. All our clients and stakeholders should expect the following from us:

      1. Quality

We will:

      1. Treat everyone with respect and courtesy while maintaining confidentiality as necessary;
      2. Act expeditiously with care, diligence, honesty and integrity as we respond and deal with issues;
      3. Ensure our products are of the highest standards possible
      4. Make the Society an environment of choice for employees by connecting staff to the Society’s mission.
      5. Focus on the higher purpose of work, giving meaning and ministry to BSK work
      6. Build loyalty with partners, clients and staff
      7. Take pride in professionalism and provide excellence service as a key part of the Society’s culture
      8. Improve the Society’s bottom line by improving productivity, retaining customers, distributing scripture and gaining useful referrals
      9. Be fair to employees, listen to them and involve them in the Society’s activities
      10. Care for staff development and advancement, appreciating and recognizing them when deserve

2. Responsiveness

We will endeavour to:

      • Deal with telephone queries within 3 minutes, if we are unable to answer queries we will take contact details and ensure a response is received within 3 working days;
      • Promptly answer phone calls within a maximum of 3 rings;
      • Attend to visitors within 5 minutes upon arrival;
      • Reply to correspondence( letters, emails ) not later than three (3) working days;
      • Remit payments for products, services and work rendered within 30 days upon submission of legitimate and accurate invoices and any other supporting documents

To help receive quality service clients and partners will be expected to:-

      • Provide complete, accurate and timely information;
      • Uphold professionalism and integrity at all levels of interactions;
      • Adhere to the Society’s Human Resources policies and procedures;
      • Treat all with respect and courtesy;
      • Ensure delivery of products according to specifications and agreed timelines;
      • Keeps appointments and observe deadlines;
      • Observe and respects our policies and procedures;
      • Submit required documents within the requested and required time;
      • To serve all effectively and efficiently;
      • Provide useful comments and feedback at all times.

The service charter is subject to review after every 2 years.

      1. Implementation of Agreement

This charter shall come into effect on the date it’s approved by Finance and Administration Committee and presented to the Board for approval.


The Society welcomes comments, suggestions and complains in regard to service, performance and obligation as outlined in this Service Charter to enable us enhance service to our clients and stakeholders. Such remarks should be addressed to The General Secretary at the following addresse:

Bible House, Madaraka Estate, Along Langata Road
P.O. Box 72983 00200
Nairobi, KENYA


Mobile No:0722205843/0733410020

Website:   www.biblesociety-kenya.org