HIV(Good Samaritan)

The Bible Society of Kenya is a member of the umbrella body, of National Bible Societies namely the United Bible Societies  UBS website. Jointly the United Bible Societies ventured into the global effort to fight against the HIV/Aids scourge in countries which are greatly affected. Thus the “Where is the GOOD SAMARITAN today?” programme was developed.

The Good Samaritan programme consists of tools that aid in the training; Booklets, Videos and Flip charts alongside the training sessions and discussion groups.

Good Samaritan during World AIDs day

The programme is structured into a HIV/Aids Trainer of Trainer Workshops (TOT) which in turn lead to Decentralized Workshops within the corresponding communities of the attendants of the TOT workshops. The information that is taught is disseminated using the same aids until the information gets to the grassroots communities which have people living with HIV/Aids.

Many beneficiaries of the programme either directly or indirectly have managed to lead normal lives and even become economically empowered through the formation of self help groups. It has greatly assisted in efforts of creating a platform for those affected and those infected to work together hence reducing the stigma attached by the society on HIV positive people.

The Good Samaritan Programme has continued to reach so many people through its powerful drama, word of hope and restoration and leaves them different people who have a different attitude towards people living with HIV & AIDS. It  makes them people who are ready to make a difference in the community. The workshops have spread in many parts of the country including Western and Nyanza and we have had testimonies of lives positively changed by the message of the Good Samaritan HIV Programme.

During a decentralized workshop in Homabay the participants described the workshop as “very powerful, rich and quite entertaining”.

In January 2011, the Good Samaritan held a Capacity Building workshop for its 15 volunteers. This workshop was to refresh the volunteers in order to ensure the quality of the workshop and to equip the volunteers with new and innovative ways of running the workshops.  The workshop was held at Agape Church Madaraka  and had 30 participants.


An Associate  Pastor at Mwingi  Believers Church gave his testimony after the training and confessed that he had always thought that HIV & AIDS is a punishment for sin and a curse from God. ”After the training I have changes my attitude and I have learnt that the infected are not the worst people. I have changed my attitude about people who are living with HIV & AIDS.” He continued to say that this HIV & AIDS training  was the first one that they had ever had and that it has helped many people who also believed what he believed.

During  a decentralized training at Mihuti Church in Murang’a, Julius Kimani said” Before the training I was not confident and  had no knowledge of handling issues concering people living with HIV and AIDS, but after the workshop, I now have come to know how to how I can interact with them. With the knowledge that I have acquired I now know how to pass it to others starting with my household and the community.”