Literacy work

Learner Reading the Maasai Bible

The Bible Society of Kenya has a mandate to avail scriptures to un-reached Kenyan Communities and /groups with special needs; enhance capacity and create an environment for more Kenyans to interact with the Scriptures for transformation. Under this mandate BSK is facilitating literacy projects like the Maasai Literacy Project.

With the low levels of literacy, especially among adults and youth , it is clear that the translated Bible won’t have many readers. Subsequently, the intended transformation of lives won’t be realised.

The Literacy project entails a programme that will ensure that teachers are trained, materials produced and learners are equipped with literacy skills.

Already we have 3 classes running in Bissil, Kiserian and Narok and plan to soon officially launch other classes in Ewuaso, Magadi and Namanga. The on-going classes represent 150 learners. Bible Society plans to start the same programme in Turkana and Pokot Counties. Click here to read more stories and testimonies on literacy work that is going on: