BSK is registered as a Society owned by members. Membership is open to Christians, Churches and Corporate Organizations. Currently the Society has about 1,000 Members. Once you become a Member you will receive a BSK membership Certificate. In addition Corporate, Joint-Life and Full- Life Members also receive a badge and a membership card. Corporate, Joint-Life and Full- Life Members can also be nominated into the BSK Board through the general election and are also eligible to vote. You can use the card to buy bibles at a members discount in BSK Bookshops. The Associate members becomes members of Bible Eagles Club and have an annual event.

You can join as a member in either of the following categories:

  • Corporate Membership     =    Ksh 10,000 (One off Payment for Corporate Organizations)
  • Joint-Life Membership    =    Ksh 7,500 ( A one off Payment for Couples)
  • Life Membership          =    Ksh 5000 ( One off Payment for an Individual)
  • Full Membership          =    Ksh1,000 ( Annual Payment by Individuals)
  •  Associate Membership    =   Ksh 100 (For Children and Students. 18yrs and below)

Register as a member by completing the  Form below: