Support a Bible Translation Project

Bible Society of Kenya is currently translating the following Bibles.

1.Ongoing Translation Projects

i) Ateso Translation Project

ii)Lusamia Translation Project

iii) Igikuria Translation Project

2. Bible Revision Projects

i) Maasai Bible Revision Project

ii) Ekegusii Bible Revision Project

3) Bibles in Publishing

1. Oluluyia Bible Translation Project

2. Kalenjin Bible Revision

BSK partners with churches in these communities to do the translation projects. It is estimated that the complete Bible translation projects will take between 12-15 years and will approximately cost Ksh.36 million.

We are appealing to you to join with us in this noble task. Translating 1 verse costs Ksh. 1000. Below is a form which you can fill in the book or the number of verses that you would wish to translate and submit to us.  Call 254 20 6002523/6002827 and talk to Caren or email for more information.

You can support these projects through adopting a verse(s) in the Bible, giving a monthly or yearly donation.