Support Ateso Bible Translation NT

This year we are raising funds for Ateso Community. The Iteso people live in Busia County in Western Kenya and also around Mount Elgon. They speak the Ateso Language. Their population is estimated at 338,833 people according to the 2009 Census. The community mainly comprises Christians and traditional religion adherents. Currently they have no Ateso Bible,  the language that they understand best. This greatly hinders evangelism and discipleship. Pastors in the area struggle having to read the Bible in Kiswahili or English and then attempt to translate into Ateso as they preach the word of God especially those who only understand Ateso.

BSK in partnership with churches in the community commenced the translation project in March 2011. It is estimated that this translation project will take between 12-15 years and will approximately cost Ksh.36 million.