Let’s Support Bible Translation Work DP Ruto Urges

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November 5, 2018

The Deputy President Hon. William Ruto has pledged his support towards supporting Bible

A moment of worship before beginning the meeting

translation work in Kenya.

Hon. Ruto  made these remarks while attending a breakfast for professionals and business owners at Radisson Blu Hotel in Nairobi. He said that he is unapologetic about his stand as a christian and desires that all language groups in Kenya will have a Bible in a language they understand best.

He added that Bible Society of Kenya (BSK) and Bible Translation and Literacy (BTL) are the organizations that do Bible translation in Kenya and urgently need Ksh 400 million to translate Bibles for communities that do not have Bibles at all in their local languages.

The Bible Society of Kenya General Secretary Mrs. Elizabeth Muriuki thanked the Deputy President for his passion towards ensuring that people draw closer to God through reading Scriptures. She noted that her desire is to see all communities own a Bible in their own language so as to preserve our local languages and ultimately know God. She lauded Hon. Ruto for his support towards the Igikuria Bible translation project noting that the Bible will be launched in 2019.

Deputy President Hon. William Ruto addressing the gathering

Mr. Peter Munguti, National Director of the Bible Translation and Literacy noted that 21 communities in Kenya have complete Bibles out of the 60 languages in Kenya. He expounded reasons as to why Bible translation takes long which include; complexity of language,low literacy levels among minority languages and lack of adequate finances.

We wish to extend an invitation to everyone to support Bible translation work because we believe that the Bible is an instrument of peace and it gives us direction in life.

The Mega fundraising event will be held in December 6th 2018. Feel free to send your

contribution through the MPESA Paybill number 518100. To translate a verse costs Ksh 1,000.







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