6th Luhya Bible Launched in Mumias

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October 25, 2016


6th Luhya Bible Launched in Mumias


The Bible Society of Kenya on Saturday launched its 22nd Bible translated in the vernacular language of the Luhya community.

This was during a colourful event held at Bomani Grounds in Mumias on July 23rd 2016. Guests from the entire Western region including Church leaders, government representatives, community leaders, BSK Board, staff members were present to witness this historic event.


Oluluyia Bible Launch Procession

According to Professor Aloo Mojola, a consultant with the Bible Society of Kenya, the translation covers four of the Luhya dialects Lumarama, Lushisa, Lutsotso and Luwanga. He said the Luhya community has over 18 dialects.

“Five sub-tribes have translated the Bible in their dialects. These are; Logooli, Lubukusu, Lunyore, Lutirichi, Lwisukha, Lwidakho and Oluluyia first Bible.

In 1951, the first Luhya Bible was translated in Maragoli dialect. In 2001, the Banyore came up with their translation followed by Bukusu who translated the Bible in their vernacular language in 2010” explained Prof. Mojola

“Today we are launching the 6th translation of the Bible in the Luhya language to make it easy for communication and spread of the word of God” said Prof. Mojola.

The Bible Society of Kenya General Secretary Elizabeth Muriuki revealed that her organization partnered with United Bible Societies and Luhya elders to come up with the 6th edition written in Luwanga, Lumarama, Lushisa and Lutsotso dialects.

“This translation has taken us 23 years to come up with a comprehensive version. Today, we launch this 6thedition so that Abawanga, Abatsotso, Abamarama and Abashisa can join the other 21 language groups in Kenya who are able to read and listen to God’s word in their own language” said Muriuki.

Present at the occasion was the Chairman of the Bible Society of Kenya Board, Prof. Mumo Kisau who expressed his great joy on the occasion of launching the Bible. He added that, “The process of translating a Bible takes on average 15 years and costs well over 20 million shillings. This has been an expensive affair but it is well worth it bringing the word of God to many Christians who are Oluluyia speakers.”

The United Bible Societies representative Mr.Isaac Litali thanked the Bible Society of Kenya for the noble work they are doing of availing God’s word to all. He thanked the entire translation team that had worked tirelessly to ensure the Oluluyia Bible is launched.

Also present at the occasion was Hon. Robert Sumbi, County Minister for Water, Environment and Natural Resources and Ag. Minister for Social Services, Youth and Sports  representing Kakamega County Governor H.E. Hon. Wycliffe Oparanya who expressed his joy saying that “Today’s occasion has brought so much joy to me as the Bible is an instrument of peace.” He added that Kenyan’s should strive to live in peace and harmony even as we approach the general election in the coming year.

The Chief Guest speaker of the day Rt. Rev. Michael Sande shared the Word of God from Psalms 119: 9-16 and John 14: 1- 6. He noted that the only way people can make their way pure is by living by the Word of God and trusting Jesus Christ to lead them as He is the way, the truth and the life. He urged the listeners to read God’s word as it will give them wisdom in handling life’s challenges.

We thank God for a great event it was and trust that God’s word will transform the lives of the readers.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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