Sharing the Word Through Audio Bibles

Written by Joy Balusi

September 12, 2022

Group discussion session at AIC Kathita

The Society held a successful Faith Comes By Hearing workshop at AIC Kathita Church on September 1st, 2022. The meeting brought together 56 Church leaders from Mwingi West, Kitui County who were trained on using audio Bibles and implementing the program in their Churches. 

The attendees appreciated the training on how to use audio Bibles in sharing the word of God with their congregants. They pledged to implement the program in their Churches by forming listening groups where members will have a chance to internalize the word. We look forward to receiving great testimonies. 

Mr.Gitau listening to his Bible while working

We also had a chance to interact with Mr. Dickson Gitau who is 101 years old from Kiamumbi village, Kiambu County who attends Church at Kiu Kenda PCEA Church, Kahawa West. He listens to the Torch Audio Bible while weaving ropes and seats, an activity that keeps him busy in his old age.

 “This far it is God. I cannot credit my age and knowing Him to anything else but God! This Bible has taught me to persevere at all times.” Gitau says in his heart language.

Gitau stays with his niece who is 61 years old, and she loves serving her grandfather in his old age.

Indeed, the word of God gives life and hope to those who interact with it. We thank our partners for their generosity and trust that many lives will come to the knowledge of Christ.





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