All Africa Bible Society’s Affinity Group Meeting

Written by BSK

March 2, 2024

Bible Society of Kenya hosted a consultative meeting for Chief Executive Officers and Board Chairpersons from 43 African Bible Societies from 26th February – 2nd March 2024 in Westlands Nairobi.

This meeting aimed to discuss the access, use and impact of the Bible in Africa. The forum also brought together stakeholders from Church and Parachurch organizations that work together to see the word of God transform lives in Africa.

The forum aimed to empower and equip the leadership in Africa to address specific challenges in their communities. The Bible Society of Kenya Council Chairman Prof. Mumo Kisau reiterated that the Bible Societies not only print and publish Bibles but also do Bible engagement to encourage people to read the Bible.

Mr. Dirk Gevers, the Secretary General of United Bible Societies, noted that Africa encounters several challenges including affordability of Bibles, multitude of languages, political instability, conflict areas, and migration between African countries, hence noting that Bible translation is key as it provides an opportunity to avail the Bible to all.

The General Secretary Mrs. Elizabeth Muriuki challenged the Church and Christians at large to work together to address the challenges facing our Country.

We thank God for a successful meeting.


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