Availing Bibles to the Visually Impaired

Written by BSK

September 18, 2023

The Bible Society of Kenya (BSK) exists to avail God’s word to all people, in vernacular languages and different formats for ease of understanding.

From September 13th to 17th 2023, a team from BSK distributed 470 volumes of Braille Bibles to two institutions in Kwale and Mombasa Counties i.e., St. Luke’s Integrated Primary with visually impaired and Likoni School for the Visually impaired and vocational centre respectively.

Through these Braille Bibles, BSK aims not only to provide physical access to the Word but also nurture the spiritual growth of these young souls, thus ensuring that no child is left behind when it comes to experiencing the love of Christ through engaging in Scripture reading.

The students in both schools were very enthusiastic and eager to explore the wonders of the Braille Bibles. Teachers from St. Luke Integrated School informed us that they did not have any Braille Bibles hence it was hard for the children to learn the word.

The Deputy Principal of Likoni School, Teacher Amina noted that she teaches Christian Religious Education (CRE) and the school only had two copies of the Braille Bible which are Nahum and Habakkuk. She greatly appreciated BSK for their generosity in availing the Bibles noting that the children will have an opportunity to know God.

The Braille Bibles were placed strategically in the school’s library, ensuring every student could easily access them whenever desired. We thank God for the opportunity to share His word with the children in the two Counties.

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