This project seeks to avail Bibles to the school going children in primary and secondary schools who are from disadvantaged, poor and marginalized settings and cannot afford to buy a Bible. Through the support of our partners, the project is implemented across Kenyan schools and bring about appreciable impact in children’s lives.

The main objective of this project is to enable the students to engage with the word of God and bring hope and equal opportunities to the marginalized children through Bibles. By giving them Bibles, they can interact with the word of God which is able to shape their perspectives and values. This then produces a spiritually and morally upright generation.

Additionally, the project seeks to help these learners have equal learning opportunity in schools since a Bible is one of the reference books for the Christian Religious Education (CRE) Subject which one of the compulsory examinable subjects in Kenyan schools.

The Bible also heighten their Christian Religious Education (CRE) Subject performance that is taught and examined in the Kenyan schools as well being used as a reference material for PPI (Pastoral Programme Instruction) which is also implemented in the primary schools in Kenya.

The intention is to see the children engage with Bibles in schools, homes and even in churches during various activities and induce transformation in all these set ups.




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