Braille Bible Distribution to the VIP’s Programme

Kenya has 45,000 visually impaired children of school going age. These children are faced with several challenges and are often abandoned in the boarding schools. The children are expected  to read the Bible like other children which  poses a challenge. This is the reason why we distribute the Braille Good News Version to them.

In 2021, BSK distributed 1409 GNB Braille volumes to the Thika School for the Visually impaired in the primary school section.

What was noted by the teachers after the distribution is that the Braille Bibles have made CRE subject to be fun, exciting and learners are even able to memorize key stories from the Bible. In the past as some of the students shared, they experienced the challenges of finding someone to read the Bible on their behalf which was a confused scenario because they couldn’t refer to any Braille text. The Braille Scriptures have also been helpful in enhancing Braille reading skills and capacity among the students.

From the students’ personal view, is that their spiritual growth has been nurtured and this has made them to regularly visit the school’s library where the donated Braille Scriptures have been kept for them to read the scriptures on their own.

Sunday services in the school have also been engaging, students are able to participate well since they have scripture reference Braille materials.

More Braille are being planned to be distributed to various visually impaired institutions within the country.

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