Bringing hope to the traumatized

The world we live in is full of traumatizing situations that cause people to live in fear and anxiety. Trauma refers to the effects on human beings of disruptive events [...]

The world we live in is full of traumatizing situations that cause people to live in fear and anxiety. Trauma refers to the effects on human beings of disruptive events like domestic violence, sexual abuse, human trafficking, inner-city violence and natural disasters. People are traumatized when they are overwhelmed with intense fear, helplessness and horror in the face of death or the threat of death.

Participants keenly following discussions

Bible Society of Kenya is concerned about the traumatized and began a trauma healing programme in 2013. This programme has since grown and many people equipped with knowledge on how to handle trauma related issues as well as reach out to people who have gone through tough situations. The programme equips people with biblical and mental health resources so that traumatized people can experience the life-changing message of the Bible.

This year, BSK has continued to train participants so that they can offer healing to people who have gone through problems in marriage, loss of loved ones, rape, domestic abuse, sickness and many more. Participants were drawn from the Government, County Government, Church leaders, community workers and staff who have since gained significant knowledge.

The participants have really appreciated BSK for the programme and are now reaching out to the community to help affected people. BSK has continued to air the audio trauma healing programme on Hope fm and Radio Jambo. Through these media, many people have received renewed hope and are able to cope with life knowing that God is in control of everything that happens.

Participants pose for a photo after the training

The Bible in Isaiah 41:10 says “Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” We are encouraged not to fear as we are not alone in this journey of life.


I have been really encouraged by this trauma healing. I have attended many trainings in my life but this has been very special to me. I was able to understand why I feel and behave the way I do. I lost my parents as a young person and I have never been able to go beyond that lose. Through this equipping and healing session I was able to take the pain to the cross and start my life afresh.  Edna Kihoro, a participant from KAG Bahati

 ‘I enjoyed the session of taking our pain to the cross. I had struggled with forgiveness for a long time; my family was involved in the post-election violence that took place in 2007/2008. We were displaced and found ourselves living in the IDP camp. We lost property on the process, the family was scattered. I lived with a lot of pain and bitterness considering that the attackers were people well known to us, some that we sat in the same class and grew up together. After going through the sessions, I learned how to forgive others and let go. I also learned what the bible says in Romans 12: 14 ‘Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the lord. I believe that I am now better equipped to help others who are going through the same’. Tabitha Wairimu, a participant.


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