BSK Holds its 46th National Annual General Meeting

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April 26, 2017

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Bible Society of Kenya held a successful National Annual General Meeting on April 8th 2017 at Bible House. The event was graced by members from different branches who turned up to attend the event.

Members keenly following proceedings

The National Annual General Meeting is an annual forum for BSK registered members where they come to interact, receive reports of performance for the previous year, elect new Board members and get projections on the upcoming plans for the year.

The Guest speaker for the day was Rev. Gibson Anduvate, Senior Pastor of International Christian Center who spoke on this year’s theme “Skilled and enabled to transform lives through God’s Word” (Exodus 36:1). He noted that we are living in changing times and we need to equip the young generation as they are our future leaders. He added that the Church has to embrace technology to preach the gospel to all corners of our country Kenya and the world at large. He further emphasized that the word of God has the power to change people’s hearts and to affect generations.

Reading from the book of Exodus 36:1 he noted two points;

  1. God has gifted us uniquely hence we should use or talents to contribute to enhance the mission of BSK which is To make available the Holy Scriptures in affordable and innovative formats for holistic transformation of people’s lives through translation, production, distribution, and Bible advocacy”.
  2. God has gifted us strategically hence we need to use our skills effectively to reach out to the young people for Jesus.

Rev. Gibson Anduvate addressing the members

The message was crowned with the verse in Jeremiah 32:17 which says “Is anything too difficult for God? Indeed all things are possible with God hence we should strive to reach for the goal of being agents of change in our spheres of influence.”

New board members were elected to the Board to join the dynamic team that endeavors to take the mission of the Society to greater heights. Our desire is that as the ministry of BSK grows and more Christians join the lively team of members who will collectively impact the community positively through God’s word.

Additionally, the Society set apart a display area to showcase its programmes to the members. This enabled them to have an in-depth understanding of the Societies programmes and it was very much appreciated by the recipients.

The Board Chairman Prof. Mumo Kisau lauded all the members for their immense contribution to the success of Bible Society of work. He noted that each member is an ambassador of BSK wherever they are hence they are highly valued. He encouraged them to continue participating in BSK activities and to recruit more members so that the family of BSK can continue to grow and influence the generations to come.

The General Secretary Mrs. Elizabeth Muriuki appreciated all members, Board and staff for making the Society what it is today. Indeed BSK has grown tremendously over the years and many lives have been changed as a result of

Prof. Mumo Kisau addressing members during the NAGM

receiving the Word of God.

BSK will continue to work with the Church to support this noble course of availing God’s word to all in languages they can understand best.



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