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Written by Joy Balusi

March 30, 2023

Group discussion session

The Church is the Bible Society of Kenya’s major partner in Bible work. One of the ways the Society reaches out to Churches is through empowering Pastors especially in marginalized areas through the Life essentials Study Bible.

This is one of the resources that we avail to Pastors so that it can help them in their ministry work especially the ones who have the calling but have not been privileged to join a theological college. 

BSK has recently held trainings in various Counties to empower pastors and issue them with the Life Essentials Study Bible. This Bible is unique in that it incorporates aspects of reading, listening, and watching 1500 Biblical principles explained through expositions done by Dr. Gene Getz. The Christian Standard Version of this Bible also makes it easier for the pastors to comprehend and engage with. 

On 3rd March 2023, BSK conducted a training among 40 pastors at the Reformed Church of East Africa in Eldoret. Other successful trainings were held on March 7th and 8th 2023 at PEFA Church Mount Kenya region for 37 Pastors, 33 pastors in Isiolo County and 42 pastors in Machakos County.

The Society endeavours to carry out more trainings to empower pastors especially in marginalized areas. The most exciting aspect about this Bible according to the pastors is the fact that it has an embedment of technology, which enables the user to read, watch, listen and understand the principles therein that they can later apply in their lives. The pastors greatly appreciated BSK for empowering them with the Word of God so that they may share with their communities.


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