Creating a Jesus Movement in Migori County

Written by Joy Balusi

February 27, 2024

Did you know that children raised by parents with little or no formal education end up performing poorly?

Did you know some of these children and teens end up dropping out from school due to lack of fees because well, financial constraints are huge due to high poverty level?

Did you know FGM also leads to school drop out in some regions such as Kuria community in western Kenya?

Imagine being in such an environment as a child or teen? How can their parent even comprehend the place of the bible? Such children feel helpless and hopeless but see this, we can join God in redefining this narrative by providing hope through the word because they too are god’s creation, and their circumstances must not and will not determine their future.

Yes, that is why from 19th to 26th February 2024, Bible Society of Kenya visited 34 schools reaching 16,756 children and teens in 5 days in Migori County yet again!  In 2023 we lit a flame of providing bibles to 29 schools and wisdom to those girls who were at risk of FGM or had already been cut…a school after another! Praise God!

Just like Jesus created a movement that has become multigenerational, we too, desire to see movements everywhere for Christ in the schools, homes, and churches that these young one’s step into! We believe for it! From growing into the knowledge of god’s word to embracing positive values, we trust God that these ones will be a force in their generation!

We took time to visit schools where girls have run to as a haven and refuge for them because home is battleground for FGM! We listened to their stories, hugged, smiled, cried, sang, and prayed in thanksgiving to God for sustaining them. They too received bibles!

We thank God for the place of network that allowed BSK to meet and partner with team Jesus into spreading his love to the children in this county! Not only did we distribute bibles, but we also planted trees because #creationcare is paramount! We took time to inform children, teachers, workers and even parents on the importance of trees in bible course and their role in fighting for environmental justice!

Our partners, you support the unlocking of the faith of many children in Kenya through your generosity. Thank you. Those who pray for the least such as these, thank you.

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