Curbing drug addiction

We live in a society that has a myriad of challenges. Drug addiction is one way that some people adopt to address these challenges. This may seem like the best [...]
Sensitization session in Grogan slum

We live in a society that has a myriad of challenges. Drug addiction is one way that some people adopt to address these challenges. This may seem like the best way to handle the situation under the circumstances but with time when they get a chance and support to recover, they begin to see how addiction has kept them from achieving their potential and living productive lives.

Drug addiction affects people of all ages. For most people it starts subtly; it could be through influence from peers or just the curiosity of knowing how a drug would make them feel. Some reasons why people abuse drugs are anxiety, stress, sheer curiosity, lack of education or information, lack of purpose in life, peer pressure, media saturation, inconsistent upbringing, workplace factors, financial challenges, and even dysfunctional communities. Unfortunately, these factors have a negative influence on one’s body and psychological well being hence there is a need for one to be aware of the consequences which may even lead to death.

Recovering from an addiction is a journey. The road is never smooth. One will probably encounter obstacles, hardships, and heartaches. But it is a journey that everyone hoping to recover from addiction needs to make. It is the only way to move from a life of destruction to a life of health, wellness, and joy.

Bible Society of Kenya conducts a tackling alcoholism programme that helps people struggling with drug addiction or are on the road to full recovery.  In recent months, we reached out to vulnerable families in Grogan and Korogocho slums in Nairobi with the aim of helping them understand the negative effects of alcohol intake and drug use. This is an area where many people are entangled in the bondage of alcoholism and drug abuse. Here, dawn finds potential clients waiting at the illicit brew dens and by early morning hours many are already dead drunk. One can sense the level of hopelessness through the interactions with these people.

These are some of the testimonies as shared by some of the people whom we interacted with;

“I normally do casual jobs. Alcoholism has made it difficult, but God is helping me. Jobs are scarce but I thank God for continuing to provide and I know one day He will remember me.” Mary (not real name)

 I have three children. I do casual jobs so that I can provide for my children. We who struggle with alcoholism are neglected, isolated, and ignored. When we say or ask something we are dismissed as nonsensical. Thank you for uniting us. May God bless you. Name withheld

 I am jobless. My wife went do some menial work of washing clothes, but she is also struggling with alcoholism. I am trying to slowly quit alcohol. I am very grateful for the food you have given us; it has boosted us a great deal. Peter (not real name)

We continue to receive positive feedback from individuals who are regaining hope through God’s Word as they recover from drug addiction. Drug addiction can be overcome hence we continue to support and pray for these individuals so that they can recover fully.

We thank our partners for their generous support in enabling these families to receive both physical and spiritual nourishment.

You can support this programme by donating clothes, foodstuff, diapers or children’s books. Monetary donations can be made through Paybill 7141769, Account: Alcoholism.


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