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BSK is Registered as a Society owned by members. Membership is open to Christians, Churches and Corporate Organizations. Currently the Society has about 1,000 Members.
How You Can Participate
  1. Membership
  2. Adopt a Language People
  3. Prayer
  4. Supporting a Program
  5. Joining the Bible a Month Club(where you purchase a copy of a Bible(S) then BSK gives to prisoners
You can join as a member in either of the following categories:
-Corporate Membership =  Ksh 10,000 (One off Payment for Corporate Organizations)
-Joint-Life Membership =    Ksh 7,500 ( A one off Payment for Couples)
-Full-Life Membership=       Ksh 5000 ( One off Payment for an Individual)
-Full Membership =              Ksh1,000 ( Annual Payment by Individuals)
-Associate Membership =   Ksh 100 (For Children and Students)
To Register as a member Click here
Adopt a Language People
Translation of Bible is our core business. Translation of one Bible requires Millions of Shillings. To translate only one verse of the Bible requires approximately Ksh. 1000.You can “Adopt A Language People” by committing to translate a certain number of verses. You can specify the language group you would like to sponsor. One may even choose the verse, chapter and book of the Bible they would want to translate.

You can commit to translate eg:
2000 verses Kshs 2,000,000
1000 verses Kshs 1,000,000
500 verses Kshs 500,000
200 verses Kshs 200,000
100 verses Kshs 100,000
50 verses Kshs 50,000
25 verses Kshs 25,000

Supporting a Programme
You can also choose to support any of our programmes directly through donations of your choice. Below are our programmes which you can support:

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