Ekegusii Bible Revision Project

Ekegusii Bible translators at work

The Ekegusii Bible Revision project is for the Kisii community, also known as Abagusii, which is a community of Bantu speakers who inhabit the two counties of Kisii and Nyamira Counties. According to the 2009 census the

The Kisii people are one of the most economically active communities in Kenya. They grow tea, coffee and bananas. However, the population densities in the area are quite high and therefore most portions of land are quite small. These small portions of land are however very fertile. The Kisii people are either medium or highly educated. Also, the school system in the area is fully established and thus the literacy levels are quite high. However, there is need to develop literacy materials in order to encourage younger members of the community to interact with the language.


The Ekegusii community and Christians in that region formally requested BSK to help revise the Ekegusii Bible to remove the minor and major problems that have been noted in terms of language usage in the Bible. Also, they felt that, being an educated community, they will greatly benefit from the value-addition that will be done to that Bible. The Deuterocanonical books when translated will help improve the reading of the Word of God among the Catholic faithful.

The project has had three full time translators and by 2019 all the first revision, team revision, reviewers and translation consultant work has been finalized. The bible has now been typeset and proofread and we hope to launch it in 2020.




  1. Would like to purchase 50 bibles for delivery in Kenya. How do I accomplish this

    1. Hello Rev. Duane, It is possible to purchase the Bibles and have them delivered. Sending you an email shortly.

      1. I am trying to get bibles to Pastor Alfred Mutuma in Meru county please contact me with an email on how to proceed

  2. Please provide me with information and the cost of Bibles to purchase and then to send.

  3. What would the cost (in U.S. dollars) be to send 20 copies of the Ekegusii Bible to Nyamaamba, Kenya? How soon could they be delivered? How could I pay for them? Do you offer confirmation of person delivered to? Awaiting your reply!
    In His service,
    Dan Van Hecke

  4. Hi and GOD Bless you and your ministry.
    I was emailing to someone named Mary. I replied to her saying that I would like to buy 25-30 Bibles in this translation. I have waited for a response and have not received one. I pray she and you all are OK.
    Please let me know how to proceed. Our congregation is buying them for a Pastor in your area.

    Thank you.

    Your servant,
    Pastor Gerry

  5. We would like to see the price to purchase 65 EKEGUSII bibles. How do we find out about this?

  6. Hello,
    Our Pastor also is wanting to send bibles for the Kisii people. Could I also get some information on how to do that please?

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  8. I would like to purchase some bibles and have it sent to a church in Kenya. How can I purchase this and have it sent

  9. I am interested in purchasing some Bibles in the ekegusii language. Can you send me a price and any other information needed to get this done?

  10. What is the cost to purchase Bibles and have them delivered in Kenya in the EKEGUSII LANGUAGE?

  11. how can you purchase Bibles

  12. Hello,
    I am interested in getting 50 bibles for a church in Kenya. Please let me know how to proceed.

  13. I’d like to arrange some of these bibles to be delivered to a congregation in West Kenya. Please let me know how.

  14. I would like to purchase 25 Bibles in Ekegusii to be delivered to Kisii. How may I go about this?

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