1. hello brothers and sisters,
    I am interested to know the price of the swahili bibles you have for sale, both NIV and NKJV please, and if they must be ordered in advance, we are landing from UK next Thursday evening , and we travel to Kisii later on Friday after overnight in Nairobi, we will anticipate buying 5-6 bibles as we have about 100 UK pounds to spend, and we are told they are about £20 pounds each, UK. IF they cost less, then we can buy more, amen.
    I also need to be assisted to buy a childs bible in swahili or kiswahili for a 4 year old, and need again to have an idea of the cost and what you might have in stock.. and another childrens bible for older kids too, same thing please
    yours in Christ
    Allister Watkins,
    PS , I see you have ESV advertised, and they are indeed near to the UK price of TEN pounds UK , I could be interested in those if the NIV n NKJV are lots more to buy. and do you post to places in KENYA too please.
    Lots of questions , thankyou on advance

    1. kindly we request that you channel this to our email

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