Faith Comes By Hearing

Written by BSkenya

February 15, 2018

Through the generous support of our partners, we have continued to spread the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ to communities through the Faith Comes by Hearing (FCBH) programme. Many people have come to hear and apply the Word of God their day to day situations.

Faith Comes by Hearing (FCBH) programme is offered free of charge for committed groups and churches. The audio Bible is available in English, Kiswahili, Ololuyia, Lukakamega Lutirichi, Maasai, Luo, Gikuyu, Kiembu, Kimeru, Kikamba, Borana and Somali languages.

Bible Society of Kenya has availed talking bibles to prisons, schools, children’s homes, churches, learning Institutions, hospitals, offices, non-governmental organizations and other institutions. The recipients have received the word of God with a lot of joy and we are glad to see positive change in people’s lives through this programme, especially to the people that are unable to read and write but are able to listen to the word in audio format.

We visited Chemi Chemi Academy and St. Mary’s Education Centre in Kibera slums. Both schools have a population of more than 200 students from lower class to upper class and are run by local NGO’s in Kenya. The children in these schools come from poor families that are not able to provide for their children’s basic needs including food, clothes, shelter and education. BSK donated Bibles and audio Bibles to these schools and they greatly appreciated the kind gesture. In both schools there is a set time every week in the school programme for the children to listen to the Bibles.

Pupils from St. Mary’s Education Centre, Kibera keenly listening to the talking Bible

Below are some of the testimonies from students and teachers;

I did not have a Bible when growing up neither did my family have one. I am grateful for the privilege to listen and read the Bible in my school and I really appreciate Bible Society of Kenya for thinking about us. I am now able to understand the Bible better and even teach my classmates who do not understand well. Diana Mutindi, Chemi Chemi Academy.

I am very happy for the opportunity to listen to the Bible because we don’t have one at home. I didn’t know how I can be born again but after listening to this audio bible, I have known that Jesus died for me so that I may receive salvation. I thank Bible Society of Kenya for the privilege to listen and own a Bible. Raphael Onjula, Chemi Chemi Academy.

I have seen great improvement in Christian Religious Education (CRE) performance since these pupils began listening to the audio Bible. I have also noticed positive behaviour change among the pupils because of the knowledge and counsel received from the Bible. The pupils have also experienced hope in life despite the challenges they face in their lives. Pst. David Mutua in charge of discipleship and evangelism, Chemi Chemi Academy.

Diana Mutindi from Chemi Chemi academy shows off a proclaimer received from BSK

I used to have bad behaviours like running away from school and didn’t want to be corrected by anyone when I did wrong. When I began listening to the talking Bible I learnt that I should obey my parents and leaders. This has helped me to perform better in my school work as I have become obedient and have taken my studies seriously. I thank BSK for the availing this Bible to our school. Sarah Vuyanzi, St. Mary’s Education Centre, Kibera.

 I thank Bible Society of Kenya for availing the talking Bible to my school. I used to perform poorly in Christian Religious Education (CRE) but now I perform better because I have a better understanding of what the Bible says.  Stephen Owino, St. Mary’s Education Centre, Kibera.

 Bible Society of Kenya will continue distributing the word of God in audio format to communities and institutions as we are encouraged by the positive transformation the Bible is bringing into people’s lives.



















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