Faith Comes by Hearing (FCBH)

Written by BSkenya

May 28, 2020

Faith Comes by Hearing is a Scripture engagement program that is based on Romans 10:17:

Faith Comes By Hearing and hearing the Word of God.

The project aims at providing non-readers, oral learners, marginalized persons, Christians, non-believers, young and old with an opportunity to listen to the Word of God through audio and visual Bibles.  The audio scriptures are availed to the listeners in their heart native languages in formats like Talking Bible, Proclaimer, Messengers, Torch, Micro SD Cards and Jesus Film.

To help the listeners have accountability, the project seeks to form communities of audio scripture study groups in different settings where people can regularly meet, listen together in group and have discussions regarding the portion they have listened to. If a group is faithful to listen and complete New Testament, they are graduated and given a print Bible.


Special groups of people such as the incapacitated, visually impaired, illiterate and the elderly are also given individual copies of the audio scriptures. The expected result is that people are continually transformed by faith through hearing God’s word.

  • Place: Throughout Kenya
  • People group: All people, children and clergy included
  • Plan: BSK issues (Audio Bibles) listening devices in a language of your choice to Groups. Listening facilitated weekly with Bible discussions facilitated by trained Facilitators. Graduation happens when New Testament is completed.
  • Partnership Required:
    • Avail churches/Institutions as venues.
    • Avail members to be trained as facilitators/group leaders
    • Form Groups of between 10-20 members.
    • Have constant follow up on impact of audios among members.
    • Avail listening reports to BSK: Testimonials and Pictorials.
    • Pray for the programme.

Constant monitoring and evaluation is done to assess programme impact among the end users and collect stories of what God is doing the programme.

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