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Faith Comes by Hearing (FCBH)

Faith Comes by Hearing is in Audio Bible format. It is a Bible listening program of the Bible Society of Kenya, based on Romans 10:17 – “Faith Comes By Hearing and hearing the Word of God.

The vision of Faith Comes by Hearing is to have the Bible heard in every Church/institution once every week. Faith Comes by Hearing works in Churches, learning institutions or any other set-up where Christians can gather for devotions at work place.

The Bible Society of Kenya provides a New Testament proclaimer and an audio torch in different languages to each church or institution that commits to gather and listen together for at least thirty minutes each week. Beginning with the book of Matthew, the participants listen through the entire New Testament together with discussions after every listening. The program draws the participants to the word of God. This program has already helped many Christians to be grounded in the word of God. There is remarkable spiritual growth, increased Bible knowledge and intensified Christian service in the places where it has used.

Some of the proclaimers have the trauma healing programme which is very helpful in spreading the message through the Word of God.

To participate in Faith Comes by Hearing, the institution must:

  • Have a minimum of 7 participants willing to listen through the entire New Testament.
  • Commit the participants to listen and be present each listening session.
  • Decide upon a regular time of listening once a week.
  • Keep a register for those attending. This is important for issuance of certificates for those who have listened.
  • Have facilitators (Church leaders/Pastors) prepared to lead the group through discussions
  • Give Bible Society of Kenya regular updates and testimonies on the progress of FCBH.

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