Mrs. Elizabeth Muriuki General Secretary



Welcome to the Bible Society of Kenya.

I thank God for the gift of a new year. We trust Him for a fruitful and impactful 2022.

By the grace of God and through partnerships with members, churches, donors, para-church organizations, and supporters of BSK, we have managed to place the Bible in many peoples’ hands.

Through our Bible advocacy and Scripture use programmes we have continued to offer hope to many in the Country and beyond. We thank God for the impact attained through our work in Bible translation into local languages, Bible publishing and distribution, Literacy for Women in Africa, Programme for Pastoral Instruction for schools, Bible distribution to marginalized children, Trauma Healing Programme, Bible Eagles Club Fun Day, Audio and visual Scripture engagement, Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH), Open the Book, Youth mentorship and leadership training (Sikika) and African Biblical Leadership Initiative (ABLI).

We thank God for the successful launch of the Ikiguria first Bible on 8th April 2022 . The Bible was well received by the Abakuria community in Kenya and Tanzania.

We continue to engage the community through training, sensitization and membership recruitment, Bible distribution, product awareness, literacy, and other areas as the Lord leads.

Please reach us on 0722205843/0733410020 or for more information on how you can engage and be part of our programmes.

God bless you.

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