Ganze Mission, Kilifi County : Making a Lasting Impact

Written by BSK

June 19, 2023

God is always doing something new greater, better, and more as days go by. We can then by all means align to the better things He is doing today.

Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to my Father. John 14: 20.

Beauty of partnerships

Bible Society of Kenya held a Mission in partnership with Compassion International and various Churches in Kenya to reach out to the communities in Kilifi County located in Coastal regions in Kenya from 22nd to 28th May 2023.

Kilifi County, located on the Coast of Kenya, is a region rich in history, culture, and natural beauty, prominent people group being Giryma, a Mijikenda subtribe. The County’s administrative headquarters is Kilifi Town, and it is home to diverse communities, including the Ganze sub-county. The mission aimed at spreading the message of hope and faith to the local population.

In the recent past, issues to do with cultism and occultism have been on the rise in this region and this was a great moment to share the TRUTH, GOD’S WORD with the affected.

We had memorable experiences from the various activities which included door to door evangelism, open air crusades, Jesus Film Shows, school ministry, children fun day, Sunday school teachers training and construction of houses. In all these things, we got an opportunity to share Jesus!


The evangelism mission had a profound impact on the spiritual lives of the people in Ganze. Many individuals embraced Christianity, finding solace and hope in the teachings of Christ. The mission provided an opportunity for people to reflect on their lives, seek forgiveness, and experience spiritual renewal. Many were delivered from evil spirits and demons were cast out in the name of Jesus Christ! Others who had been in chains of alcoholism, false beliefs got to know the Truth.

Over 3,075 people got BORN AGAIN! Including former witch doctors, Muslims, old and young! Discipleship sessions are already on top gear by the churches in the region.

To God be the glory for the mega Harvest! All those we encountered received portions of Bibles from Bible Society of Kenya.

The evangelism mission in Ganze, Kilifi County, brought hope, transformation, and empowerment to the local population. It not only impacted the spiritual lives of the people but also contributed to social cohesion, improved living conditions, economic empowerment, and sustainable development. The mission’s legacy continues to inspire and uplift the community, creating a lasting impact that goes beyond the boundaries of faith.

We are grateful to all our partners who make it possible for us to share God’s word with different communities. To God be the glory.

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