What We Do

Bible Translation Work

Kenya has 53 language groups. 23 of them have complete Bibles. 14 have New Testaments and 3 have portions. Therefore there are about 16 People Groups without a single scripture in their language, and they NEED them. Currently, BSK has 4 Bible translations including;  Teso, Banyala, Mwimbi Muthambi and Gikuyu Study Bible. Bibles at publishing stage are Igikuria Bible, Ekegusii Revised Bible, Teso New Testament.

Cost of translation: Translation work is an expensive exercise which requires a lot of resources. It is estimated a complete Bible translation will take about 11 years of hard work of translation. It is estimated that it will cost Ksh. 1000 to translate each verse of the Bibles mentioned above. We invite you to partner with us in availing a Bible to a community of your choice. Make a contribution and indicate the project you would like to support.

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