Giving Hope to Street Children

Written by BSkenya

May 15, 2020

A session to discuss alcoholism effects

Bible Society of Kenya has partnered with Love of Christ Foundation to feed street children in Grogon Market, Ngara area in Nairobi.

The feeding programme began on May 8th, 2020 out of a desire to support the vulnerable families who have been affected by the COVID 19 pandemic. The feeding is done daily from Monday to Saturday where 60-70 children get one meal per day.

The children live in the market area that is home to over 600 street children. Most of these children struggle to collect leftover food from bins, beg on the streets, and just survive a day at a time.

Most of these children are not on the streets by choice but because of circumstances including the death of parents, violence at home, poverty, or even HIV/AIDS. Street children are mostly ignored because they usually look unkempt, sniffing glue, dirty hence making it easy for them to be mistreated.

COVID 19 has made the situation even worse. “We have been sleeping hungry because the rubbish bins have become empty,” says Janet, a young teenage mother. This followed the directive by the Government to close eateries and hotels to curb the spread of the deadly virus. “When we are sick, nobody bothers about us. We ache in pain praying we do not lose a life.” Adds another.

This environment is even more challenging for young girls and women on the streets as they are exposed to a myriad of issues including early pregnancy, rape, drugs, and lack of necessities like sanitary towels.

Jesus film session

Apart from giving them food, we have shown them the Jesus film  and started Faith Comes By Hearing listening groups so that they may know that true love and hope comes from Christ. We hope that they will also be engaged in Trauma Healing sessions to help them overcome and recover from the trauma they have faced.

“It has been an enthralling fulfilling season to venture into the lives of street children and give them hope. Never in my dreams had I thought I would interact with them. The feeding, interactive sessions, and sharing the Word through Jesus Film and audio scriptures has opened my eyes to see that a small act of love can open opportunities to be a blessing to the world. That is what Jesus would do. The transformation then is inevitable.” Susan Ndiang’ui Programme Coordinator.

We thank our friends and partners who have generously given towards this initiative. May the Lord richly bless you.


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