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The Bible Society of Kenya will launch the revised Kalenjin Bible on July 22nd 2017 at 64 Stadium in Eldoret Town. This Bible has taken seven years to revise and will [...]

The Bible Society of Kenya will launch the revised Kalenjin Bible on July 22nd 2017 at 64 Stadium in Eldoret Town. This Bible has taken seven years to revise and will be availed to the Kalenjin speakers so that they may read the word of God in a language they understand best.

Father Charles Kiruy, former translator addressing the gathering in Kericho town

Two Pastors symposiums were held in Kericho and Eldoret towns on June 22nd and 23rd respectively to sensitize the Pastors on the availability of the Bible so that they may share with  congregants their Churches. The Pastors expressed their joy to know that finally there was a Bible that will unify the Kalenjin speakers. These Pastors were drawn from different denominations both in Kericho and Eldoret town and they turned out in large numbers to hear about the Bible soon to be launched.

Father Charles Kiruy, a former translator addressed the Pastors in Kericho on the process it took to revise this Bible.He appreciated the team who translated the first Nandi Bible which was published in 1969 noting that they did a great job despite the challenges they faced e.g. using typewriters to type the manuscripts. He however noted that language changes with time hence the need to revise the Bible. Father Kiruy added that the Revised Kalenjin Bible is easy to read and understand by all the Kalenjin dialects hence it will unify the community. He appreciated Bible Society of Kenya for availing Para text, a software which enables translators to base their work from the original Bible in Greek and Hebrew hence maintaining consistency of the message. He further thanked the Management Commitee team,Reviewers and Translation Consultants for working tirelessly to ensure that this Bible is ready.

Rev. Musa Maina former translator addresses Pastors in Eldoret town

Rev. Musa Maina, a former translator addressed the Pastors in Eldoret town on the similar translation process. The Pastors appreciated BSK for the work its doing to avail God’s word  to all. The Pastors were also excited to know that the Bible is available online on YouVersion which is a downloadable application on the phone. Rev. Maina noted that it is very important to reach the youth with God’s word as they  are the leaders of tomorrow hence need to be equipped with God’s word to be able to withstand life challenges.

Bible Society of Kenya invites all the Kalenjin speakers to the launch of this Bible and looks forward to lives being transformed as a result of people reading God’s word. This Bible comes in two versions; one without Catholic books and the other with Catholic books.

Features of the Bible include;

  • Has an easy to read font size
  • Has different colours: black, blue, maroon and burgundy
  • Contains pictures/Illustrations.
  • Has enhanced footnote and explanatory notes.
  • Has enhanced cross reference system
  • Contains words that have similar meaning in different Kalenjin dialects
  • Contains the Kalenjin calendar
  • Has a precious stones table
  • Has a preface and various introductions to the Bibles
  • Has a concordance of word occurrences and references in the Bible
  • Has enhanced glossary table
  • Has enhanced maps



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