God’s Transforming Word

Written by Joy Balusi

September 30, 2022

Bible Society of Kenya held a colourful graduation ceremony for a Faith Comes By Hearing Listening group of 39 members at Free Pentecostal Church in Embakasi on September 10th 2022.


The graduates started the journey of reading the entire Bible from November 2020. They consistently listened to the Bible and discussed among themselves the impact of the word of God in their lives. The testimonies shared reflected that interacting with the word of God brings hope.


The speaker of the day Mr. Joel Gitau encouraged the graduates to continue spreading the good news with the people around them as they had been equipped with the word. He added that God’s word is alive and active and can turn around situations, even those that seem impossible.


I was an alcoholic for a long time. In 2020, after struggling to stop taking alcohol, I decided to get saved after seeing the change in my wife’s life, who had graduated in the same programme in 2020.My life has not been the same again. I am glad I made the right decision to follow Christ. Benard


We thank God for all the participants who went through this audio Bible listening programme. All the graduates received a certificate and a local print Bible. They appreciated Bible Society of Kenya for availing God’s word to them and pledged to share it with others. We thank our partners in propagating the gospel until everyone in Kenya hears the word of God.

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