Hearing God’s Word in Maa Language

Written by Joy Balusi

February 15, 2021

FCBH group discussion

Despite culture, low literacy levels, poverty language barrier, and lack of education Pst. Samuel Ngoserah can preach the Word of God to his Church congregation in Kajiado County.

Pst. Samuel says that the Maasai talking Bible will greatly help him enhance his preaching of the gospel. “I am very happy to receive this Bible. I am a Pastor with the Baptist Church in Kajiado with 50 congregants. I don’t know how to read the Bible, but I pray a lot from 3 am. With the help of this Maasai talking Bible, I will be praying in line with the word of God as I listen to it. This will help me grow and the members of my Church too. I am encouraged to continue preaching the gospel widely because this Maasai audio Bible will enrich me. Thank you, Bible Society of Kenya for blessing me” Rev. Samuel Ngoserah.

Romans 10:17 (ESV) remind us that  faith comes from hearing and hearing through the word of Christ. Unfortunately, some people have never read or heard of the Bible, or are not able to access the Bible due to health challenges or financial challenges.

Through the Faith Comes By Hearing programme (FCBH) Bible Society of Kenya avails God’s word to many people with God’s word because we believe that this word will transform people’s lives.

Audio Bibles are packaged in various formats and in different languages. This enables people to listen to the word of God in groups and learn together through sharing of testimonies on the impact of the Bible in their lives. In a group, one gets refreshed, relationships are built, and spiritual growth is experienced.

Rebecca a Church leader holding a proclaimer

We held a sensitization meeting on February 11th, 2021 at ACK Kumpa Church in Kajiado County to enlighten Church leaders on the FCBH programme, how it works and how they can be part of it. It was an exciting time for the participants to hear the word of God in their language. The members listened and discussed the Bible in listening groups and it was an amazing session of learning and interaction.

Here are some  of the testimonies as shared by the participants

“I thank God for the opportunity to receive an audio Bible in Maasai language. I will use it to share the gospel to my fellow community members in groups and I know that there will be a great impact in people’s lives.” Rev. Noah Somai Glorious Church.

“I am very happy to receive this audio. I have learned a lot from the book of Luke chapter 5, and I am grateful to BSK for giving this Maasai proclaimer to my Church, where we listen to the Bible in groups.” Rebecca Salalon, ACK Kumpa

The participants appreciated receiving the audio Bibles saying that they will help them share God’s word with many people in their community.

Audio Bibles can be listened to in an organized formal or informal setting. Call us on 0719250559/0722205843 for more information on how to participate in this programme.


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