#HackMyBible Challenge

Written by BSkenya

January 16, 2019

This February, Bible Society of Kenya in partnership with French Bible Society and the UBS Publishers’ Convention will host #HackMyBible innovation challenge.

The ambitious two- day event purposes to bring together talented individuals from different areas of specialization to brainstorm and come up with ideas of what the Bible of the future will look like.

If you want to spend two crazy days with other skilled participants and work out innovative ways of discovering the Bible then this is the place for you.

#HackMyBible will lead to the development of interactive versions and uses of the Bible that will be relevant in 2030. The participants will make 5 prototypes of the “Bible of tomorrow.”

If you are a developer, designer, technologist, marketer, creative, Bible Student, theologian, one who is passionate about the Bible, data scientist, communicator, Bible student or artist, feel free to register for this event because all talents are valid.

Participants will be divided into 8 diverse teams where they will share and discuss their ideas on the Future Bible. It will be a unique chance to elevate one’s profile and gain invaluable experience on innovation.

Visit www.hmbkenya.bible and register now with your best foot forward.

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