Bible Advocacy

Healing the Wounds of Trauma

Many people continue to languish in pain emanating from the mental wounds that have been inflicted on them by difficult situations in life. Many hurt in silence and secretly yearn for help. Some are unaware that they need help, whereas others do not know if they could trust anyone to help them.

Bible Society of Kenya reaches out to individuals that have gone through shocking and traumatizing experiences and walk with them through the healing path so that they can also help others with the healing process.

Participants are drawn from Churches, Non Governmental organizations, media, government, prisons, military, children’s homes, community leaders etc.


1.To sensitize regional and national leaders on trauma healing programme and implementation

2.To train Church and community leaders on Trauma Healing interventions

3.To conduct Trauma Healing sessions in the local communities

4.To bring together stakeholders and Trauma Healing facilitators to:

–share experiences

–identify challenges


–participate in professional development and pray together

The programme is implemented in 3 tracks:

  • Audio Trauma Healing – This version is where stories and discussions are recorded. People listen and discuss.
  • Adult Classic Trauma Healing – This track addresses adults who have gone through traumatic situations in life. One can proceed to the advanced level so as to become a facilitator and train others.
  • Children Trauma Healing – This track reaches children who have gone through traumatizing situations in life.






Trauma healing training session

A class needs at least 20 participants who are committed in attending all the sessions which include;

1.If God loves us why do we suffer?

2.How can the wounds of our hearts be healed?

3.What happens when someone is grieving?

4.Helping someone who has been raped

5.Domestic abuse


7.Caring for a caregiver

8.Taking your pain to the cross

9.How can we forgive others?

10.Preparing for trouble

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