Healing Wounded Soldiers

Part of the healing process is sharing with other people who care  – Jerry Cantrell. Do you know that men and women in collars also experience trauma? Well, unless they [...]

Part of the healing process is sharing with other people who care  – Jerry Cantrell.

Clergy happy to graduate after the training

Do you know that men and women in collars also experience trauma? Well, unless they share amongst themselves, hardly will anyone know that they are experiencing trauma. There is a societal assumption that the clergy are strong. They are bombarded with followers’ issues, but they never get a space to share their issues or even ask for help. Yet we forget that they are also human beings who have feelings and need help to process and be listened to.

It is from this understanding that BSK trauma healing facilitators did an initial classic trauma healing training among 17 pastors in September and October in Adili Christian Schools, Kitengela. The culmination of the training was beautiful graduation on 18th October 2021.

The Speaker of the day, Bishop Geoffrey commended the team for the commitment through the training noting that a transformed heart is a society transformed. He asserted that healing starts with individuals and when hearts are touched, they become wells for others to be changed.

The Programme Manager Mrs. Anne Mwangi congratulated the Pastors for allowing God to heal them and in turn, be agents of healing in the various capacities they serve in.

The host, Bishop Henry Nduti alluded that Pastors have a wider reach and when they are equipped, they are in a better place to do more in God’s Vineyard. Below are some testimonies as shared.

“Initially, I was not sure about the subscription to this training. Am not the kind who gets vulnerable and rarely talks about myself. However, this platform gave me a different perspective. I have learned to ask for help and ask God to heal me. My highlight was writing laments and taking the pain to the cross. I am glad I unburdened my loads, and I am free and fulfilled.” Pastor Wachira.

“I have greatly benefited from this training. I have experienced different kinds of trauma personally and some brought to me by my congregants. Apart from praying with them, sometimes I did not know how to help especially on matters of grief. I would delay helping yet people expect me as a man of God to have answers for them. This would end up in blame. I am so happy that I can support people through the ministry of presence and listening to them. I will be a better shepherd to them while helping them in the hour of need.” Bishop Chege.

“During the training, I realized that I was hurting. I had struggled to forgive somebody. However, through this training, God has revealed to me that relieving bitterness can only happen if I forgive and my pain to the cross. Sure enough, as I tearfully wrote down my pains and took them to the cross of Jesus, I received healing. I am grateful.” Rev Esther.

Our prayer is that there will be spreading of the net of healing to others through these clergy.

To participate in the trauma healing programme call us on 0719250559.


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