Beyond the trauma caging

Written by Joy Balusi

August 7, 2020

Training session in Korogocho

When people are exposed to life’s sufferings and tragedies they get wounded inside. These wounds trap them in cycles of emotional and physical pain. The question to ask is can they be healed or is there help for them?

Yes, they can! Through our Bible based trauma healing programme we have witnessed emotional healing and restoration of hope to people who have experienced stressful situations like; post-election violence, addictions, road accidents, domestic abuse, death, financial challenges, terrorist attacks, natural calamities and currently the COVID 19 pandemic.

In this season of social distancing and limited physical contact, the Society has been providing trauma healing sessions to as many virtually with the sole agenda of equipping them with knowledge and skills on how to, especially, cope with the emerging issues as a result of the pandemic.

We receive many testimonies from the people who have interacted with the programme either through healing sessions or training. These and the ultimate transformation of the people become our motivator to continue reaching out to many more broken vessels with this programme.


I thank God for this training. It has done wonders in my life. I lost my parents in 2017 in 3 months. My journey to recovery has been a slow one but was helped by personal therapy that I attended earlier in the year. This training has been a special balm and fastened my healing journey. I thank God for you. Keep tending the Lord’s vineyard. He will repay you at the opportune time. Thank you and God bless you – Name withheld

I joined the centre in March last year because of domestic squabbles between my parents for many years. It got to a time I felt I had enough of their constant fights and quarrels, and I wanted peace. I ran away from home to the streets in a nearby town. I was taken in by some bar attendants and soon I was introduced to drinking and selling alcohol in bars. One day the police apprehended me and presented me to the courts where the judge sent me here. I feel safer and at peace here than back at home. Rose (not real name)

When faced with difficult challenges seek professional help. We however affirm that the Bible remains the main source of Hope through all life challenges. Despite the uncertain times we face, God is at work healing people from their wounds. We hope that more lives will be drawn to God because He owns the world and can turn things around.

To participate in this programme contact us on or call 0719250559.

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