Igikuria Bible Translation

The Kuria are a community found in both Kenya and Tanzania. The Abakuria of Tanzania and the Abakuria of Kenya are essentially one people. In Kenya the Kuria reside in the Nyamira and Kisii Counties, while in Tanzania the Kuria reside in the Tarime, Musoma, Bunda and Serengeti districts of the Mara region of Northern Tanzania.

The Church is well entrenched among the Kuria and the Christian population is approximately 70% of the entire community. However, there are those who practice traditional religions and also pockets of Muslim faithful.

A revised New Testament was launched in November 1996. Work on the Old Testament has been going on facilitated by the Tanzania Bible Society until 2013. However, it was felt that the two Bible Societies need to work together so that the end product of the translation can serve the Abakuria of both Kenya and Tanzania. In 2013 Kenya and Tanzania Bible Society signed an agreement that they would work jointly to avail a Bible that is mutually acceptable on both sides of the boarder.

From 2013 to date all the drafting of the books have been finalized, also all the team revision work has been done. The reviewers have also completed their work and the translation consultant completed 97% of his work in 2019. The project has had five full time translators and the work has now been finalized and typeset. It is the goal of the Society to launch this bible this year(2020).

Kuria Bible translators at work

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