Learners in Turkana Equipped

Written by Joy Balusi

November 28, 2022

Learners determined to learn

We thank God for a successful adult literacy learner’s assessment exercise that took place in eight centres in Turkana County from 16th – 19th November 2022. 

The aim of the assessment was to check the learner’s abilities to read and write fluently after attending classes for six months. In addition, a comparison was done to gauge the learners’ growth levels since the beginning of classes to find out the levels of improvement.

The assessment also helps teachers to evaluate their teaching approaches as per the laid-out guidelines. It identifies learners who are not able to read and write, so that they can get a second chance in the next year’s cohort to perfect their literacy skills.

Learners who have qualified are encouraged to continue with the post-literacy activities where they are exposed to more literature materials such as short stories reading booklets among many others to enhance the culture of reading.

Out of 522 enrolled adult learners, 309 learners can read and write, and are scheduled to graduate. Below are some testimonies as shared by the learners.

‘’I thank God now I can read. The BSK adult literacy programme is good and very interesting compared to others since it is taught in mother tongue. I can now relate my reading and speaking on daily basis. I hope to continue even after this program.’’ Mr Daniel Ekal.

I have perfected the art of pronouncing sounds, being aware of how words connect. My teachers always give me a chance to practise on the blackboard and share my skills with fellow learners. I have gained confidence even in standing in front of others to talk about the importance of education.’’ Ms Sarah Lojao.

The BSK team also met the Turkana County officer of Adult Education and laid out partnership plans for 2023 on ways to strengthen the programme in the County. We are glad to see the progress that has taken place in the lives of the learners. We trust that the skills they have learnt will help them to improve their standards of living.


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