A lady reading in the turkana literacy class

Bible Society of Kenya has a mandate to avail Scriptures to unreached Kenyan Communities and groups with special needs; enhance capacity and create an environment for more Kenyans to interact with the Scriptures for transformation. Under this mandate BSK is facilitating literacy project in Turkana County dubbed “Literacy for Women in Africa”

With low levels of literacy especially among adults and youth, it is clear that translated Bibles won’t have many readers. Subsequently, the intended transformation of lives won’t be realized. With a rapidly changing technological world, it is essential that individuals continuously empower themselves with knowledge.

The Literacy for Women in Africa programme is aimed at reaching marginalized women in Turkana County who have not had the privilege to get formal education. The programme aims at empowering women with basic reading and writing skills so that they can be economically empowered. Men are also encouraged to attend the classes so that they too can benefit from the knowledge acquired. The literacy programme has in the past been held among the Maasai and Pokot communities. Over 600 women and men have graduated from this programme having demonstrated ability to read and write.


Turkana literacy class session and Bible distribution to learners


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