Actors from Deliverance Church South City

The goal of the Open the Book programme is to engage children with Scripture through storytelling so that they may be rooted in God’s Word and be nourished spiritually for generational impact.

Skills and value addition are also integrated to build a child into a whole person. The foundation of the training is based on God’s heart for children in the Scripture.

BSK uses a handbook and storyteller Bible to train volunteers on how to share Bible stories with children.

Pastoral Instruction Programme (PPI)

BSK has developed a curriculum for Programme for Pastoral Instruction (PPI) that is used in different classes among the Kenyan primary school-going children to facilitate scripture engagement and Christian Religious Studies.

The programme is conducted on scheduled days and enables children to learn the word of God from a young age. These materials are customized for every class, and they help children develop in their faith, and grow into faithful, mature, and responsible believers. We train teachers on the use of these materials so that they can effectively use them in their teaching.

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