PPI session at Madaraka Primary School

The Ministry of Education in Kenya through the Education Act (1968 revised 1980; and 2013) gives provision for ‘special syllabuses’ for the programme pastoral instruction (PPI) with the goal of providing instruction for different faith traditions (Catholic, Protestant, SDAs, Islam, Hindu, etc.) in public primary schools.

The aim is to give churches / religions an opportunity to develop the primary school students in knowledge and practice of their faith, to grow as mature, morally upright and responsible members of society. PPI consists of 1-hour block sessions per week, during which a pastor, community leader or teacher teaches children about God and spirituality.

BSK with a consortium of 7 other para church agencies and churches has already designed and developed a curriculum for Primary Class 1 to 8. The materials have been in use in schools since 2017. The objectives of this project is to enhance PPI by; Training of trainers and teachers, for implementation of the PPI curriculum.

The PPI curriculum is approved by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development. The Curriculum provides reference for a lesson for each class every week, through the school calendar.

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