Revised Kalenjin Bible to be launched

Written by BSkenya

May 30, 2017

After 7 years of hardwork, resilience and patience, the Kalenjin community will finally have a revised version of the Bible in their own language. This much awaited Bible is set to be launched on 22nd July 2017 in Eldoret town, Uasin Gishu County.

The Kalenjin community is made up of 14 mutually intelligible dialects, which can be grouped into four clusters: the Rift Valley, the Mt. Elgon, the Pokot and the Ogiek groups. Initially, there was only one Bible for all the dialects, which was published in 1939 based entirely on the Nandi dialect. Most of the dialects could not understand this Bible hence leading to the publishing of the Kalenjin Union version in 1969. This version adequately caters for all the Kalenjin dialects. Later on, the Pokot Bible was launched in 2009 to cater for the Pokot speakers.
The revision of this Bible was necessitated by the fact that language changes over a period of time. The Revised Bible will bring together all the Kalenjin dialects since it is translated in common language.

A meeting was held with Pastors in Eldoret town to discuss the modalities

Features of the Bible include;

  • Has an easy to read font size
  • Comes in two versions; one without Catholic books and the other with Catholic books.
  • Comes in different colours: black, blue, maroon and burgundy
  • It contains deuterocanonical books.
  • Contains pictures/Illustrations.
  • Has enhanced footnote and explanatory notes.
  • Has enhanced cross reference system
  • Contains words that have similar meaning in different Kalenjin dialects
  • Contains the Kalenjin calendar
  • Has a precious stones table
  • Has a preface and various introductions to the Bibles
  • Has a concordance of word occurrences and references in the Bible
  • Has enhanced glossary table
  • Has enhanced maps


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