Hope for children through Gods Word

Written by Joy Balusi

March 24, 2021

When a dark cloud is lifted and a glimmer of hope blinks in childrens’ lives, they cannot hide it.

Keenly searching through the Scriptures

It was a joyous one week of distributing Bibles to some of the most impoverished children in Trans Nzoia and Kitui Counties. From 15th to 19th March 2021, the Bible Society of Kenya distributed Bibles to 20 marginalized schools in the two Counties and the joy exhibited by the children was immense.

Some of these schools host children from poor families while others reside in slum areas and scheme settlement areas. For some, their parents do not recognize the importance of education. As such, they will only allow their children to go to school on some days of the week and the rest? Stay home and take care of the younger ones. In the process, some girls end up pregnant as early as 12 years and they must pause their studies and wait for a later date to get back to school. Worse still, the children may drop out of school for some time to hunt for jobs. They do this to support their parents and get food on the table because they have a hand-to-mouth kind of existence.

We are glad to receive this precious gifts- The Bible

How does such a parent think about a Bible for her child? The church is barely talked about! The BSK team took time to share words of life, hope, and purpose with these children and crowned the distribution with prayers.

It is such a privilege to be a blessing to such children at such a time as this! We are so grateful for our partners in this mission!

Here are some testimonies as shared

I am happy to receive a Bible today. I will read it when going to Church. This Bible will also help me in my CRE lessons. Thank you, Bible Society of Kenya, for this precious gift. Stella Baraza, Naisambu Secondary School.

I am glad to receive this Bible. My parents could not afford to buy me one. I promise to read it so that I may follow the ways of God. I will read this Bible with my friends as we study CRE. Thank you very much BSK. Hilda Nelima, Kibagenge Primary School.

All your children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children. Isaiah 54:13(ESV)



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