Sharing God’s Word with the Visually Impaired

Written by Joy Balusi

February 22, 2021

Students happy to receive talking Bibles from BSK

Bible Society of Kenya distributed 1409 volumes of both the old testament and new testament Braille Bibles at the Thika School for the Blind.

It was such a rare activity at the school since they spend most of their time dedicated to their normal school curriculum. The school has a population of both partially and blind with the majority being the latter. Some students who represented the others in receiving the Braille Bibles were excited to receive these Bibles and even practiced memorizing some verses.

Mrs. Judith Kanana a teacher in the school welcomed the donation and said that they would use the Good News Version Braille Bibles in their CRE and PPI studies. She noted that previously the teacher would read the Bible to the students, but they could not physically touch the Bible, interpret it, and found it difficult to understand since they had no Braille Bibles.

The teachers in the school promised to use the Braille Bibles for teaching and were optimistic that this initiative will improve their studies in CRE, PPI, and personal spiritual growth. These Bibles would be accessed through the library by the students for ease of learning.

In addition to the Bibles, the students received Talking Bibles for use in their Christian Union(CU) groups. The students and teachers appreciated Bible Society of Kenya for the kind gesture.


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