Bibles for Children

Written by Joy Balusi

June 27, 2022

Children reading their newly received portions

A team from the Bible Society of Kenya was privileged to share the Word of God with children in Mwiki Primary School, one of the most populous schools in Kenya with over 4,700 pupils.

We engaged the learners in the Open the Book program that involves the dramatization of Bible Stories. We further distributed Scriptural material to all the children in the school.

In June, we distributed Scriptures to children in Kericho and Homa Bay Counties, and they were very well received. The students pledged to read the Scriptures in school and with their families. The children’s excitement was so genuine that one could almost touch it. In most of these schools, only a handful or none had Bibles even though the Bible is a necessity in studying the Christian Religious Education (CRE).

Most parents from these areas depend on manual labour that involves toiling from hand to mouth hence they are not able to purchase a Bible. The Bible was therefore a very welcome gift received with both arms by the children. The teachers were equally grateful, stating that with the provision of the Bibles, teaching and passing CRE would be a reality.

Tendeno Primary School in Kericho County is one of the schools that is home to pupils from the Ogiek community who dwell in the forest. Education to most of the parents is not a priority therefore these children have to beat all the odds to attend school, often with torn uniform, dirty and with no books. Receiving the Bibles was a huge blessing to them considering that the parents would never have thought of buying a Bible as it would be a luxury.

We thank the Lord for remembering us today. This is a miracle and we do not take this great gesture of kindness for granted,’’ Said Mr. Maina, the Headmaster of Mugumoini Primary School.

Jane, a young girl from Chepkalwal Primary School is happy that her dad finished form four recently. She comes from a very humble home. When she arrived home with a Bible from BSK, she made a special prayer telling God to make all that is written in the Bible to come through for her family.

Our prayer is that the word of God will guide and transform the lives of all the children that have received the Scriptures.

We thank all our partners and supporters for their generosity as there is an immense need for Scriptures in schools where children come from marginalized backgrounds.

To avail a Bible to a needy child, please contact us on or call 0704448917.


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