Teaching children God’s word

Written by Joy Balusi

July 11, 2022

Story telling session

A successful Open the Book children fun day was held on Saturday July 9th, 2022, at Deliverance Church South City.

The Open the Book programme aims at engaging children with Scripture through storytelling so that they may be rooted in their knowledge of God’s word.

Bible Society of Kenya trains volunteers who implement this programme in schools and churches.Deliverance Church South City is one of the Churches that are running this programme in their children ministry.

The fun filled event brought together children from schools, children’s homes, Churches, and the community around Kariobangi South in Nairobi East. The trained volunteers played a key role in helping the children to bring out their different talents in the various categories of learning the Bible.

The children participated in different activities that taught them God’s word. The activities included memory verse recitals, acting, sack racing, singing, dancing and Bible trivia.

Different groups acted stories from the Lion Storyteller book. The teams wore unique costumes that represented different characters in the Bible so that the stories would be relatable to the children. We also had sessions where we shared life skills with the teenagers and taught them the importance of learning and obeying God’s word from a young age.

Bible gifts for winners

The climax of the day was awarding of Bibles and other learning materials to winners from each category, while the rest of the children received the portion of John.

We thank God for the opportunity to share His word with the children and trust that they will grow to be a Godly generation who will impact lives in future. We also thank our donors for helping many children to learn God’s word through story telling.

To participate in this programme kindly call us on 0719250559.

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