Teso Bible Translation

Pupils of Amagoro Primary School celebrates the Joy of having the New Reader Portions

Statistics indicate that the Iteso population was 338,833 according to 2009 National Population Census. The Iteso are Plain Nilotic community found in Western Kenya in Busia county and Bungoma county. The Ateso language has the following mutually intelligible related language groups: Turkana, Karamojong’, Toposa, Diding’a, Nyangatom. The Iteso people are mostly peasant farmers who grow groundnuts, cassava, maize millet, sorghum as staple foods and cotton and tobacco as cash crop.

The majority of Iteso people (over 70%) are Christians who follow diverse Christian denominations. The dominant churches are Anglican, Roman Catholic and Pentecostals.

This project was started in 2011 with three translators from different denominations in the region. The first five years were mostly spent drafting the entire Bible. Already half of the Bible has been team revised and the reviewers have checked it. Therefore the main work remaining for 2019 -2020 is the finalization of team review and reviewers work together with enhanced translation consultant checking.

We hope to finalize the work by end of early 2021 and launch the Bible by the end of 2023. It is the goal of the Society to launch the New Testament in 2020.

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