Teso New Testament Bible Launched

Written by Joy Balusi

March 13, 2021

John Ikapes a reviewer in the Teso New Testament project happily holding his Bibles

Can you imagine what it feels like to get a Bible in your language?

The Christians in the Teso community expressed their joy by dancing and singing at the launch of their New Testament after 10 years of hard work and dedication, at Amagoro Primary School on March 13th, 2021.

The Ateso Bible project in Kenya was officially launched at a public ceremony held at Amagoro, Teso, on July 7, 2011. This was done after research that confirmed the need for this project and a request by Church leaders of the Kenya Ateso community.

This Bible is interconfessional and done in partnership with all the Churches in the Teso-speaking area. The translation team consists of Fr. Gregory Ejakait from Catholic Church, Pr. Fred. Etyang representing the Pentecostal/Charismatic Churches and Rev. Eliud Omunyokit from Anglican Church. This team of translators is backed by a competent team of reviewers, who are versed with the language.

In 2014 six New Reader Portions and the Gospel of Luke were published. The translation of the New Testament (Psalms and Proverbs) work was finalized by end of 2019 and published in 2020.

Speaking at the event Bishop John Okude, ACK Bishop Katakwa Diocese noted that the launch of this Bible is a great milestone for the Teso community, and it will be instrumental in helping the speakers of the language to understand the word of God. He added that the Teso New Testament Bible will also be of great help to the elderly who cannot read English or Kiswahili.

Church leaders hold the newly launched Teso New Testament Bible

The Guest Speaker Pst.Fredrick Orikodi noted that Christianity will now grow in Teso land as people will be able to understand Gods word better and the Church will disciple the community effectively.

Head of Business development Mr. Thomas Tharao thanked the guests for attending the event adding that the Bible Society of Kenya avails God’s word so that everyone can hear the good news. He added that the Society has recorded the Teso Bible in audio format and the Jesus film as tools for evangelism that will enhance spiritual growth in the community.

Currently, intensive work is going on to finalize the Translation Consultant Checking of the Old Testament and deuterocanonical books so that translation work is finalized by end of 2022 – so that by end of 2024 this Bible can be launched.

I am very happy to receive the Bible in my local language- Ateso. This Bible will help me to grow my relationship with God. It will also be used in Church to interpret the word of God for the elderly who cannot understand English or Kiswahili. Pst. Maxmilla Alumasi, PCEA Church.

I am happy to see the fruit of my labour today as we launch this Bible. It has taken a lot of time and commitment and today I celebrate this great achievement. Fr. Gregory Ejakait, Teso Bible Translator.

I thank the Bible Society of Kenya for translating the Bible into the Teso language. It will help me in preaching the gospel in the community I serve. It will also make the word of God easy to understand. Major Robert Okeiga, Salvation Army Church.

We thank God for this great milestone! We know that this Bible will bring a great transformation in the lives of the Ateso community and there will be spiritual growth which will bring a positive transformation in the society at large.




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