Turkana community empowered with literacy skills

Written by BSkenya

February 7, 2020

“I did not know how to read and write. Since I joined the Bible Society of Kenya literacy class in March 2019 I was taught how to read and write. Now I can preach better and have also been appointed to be a youth Pastor’s leader in Turkana because I can communicate well and lead fellow youth pastors. I am grateful to Bible Society of Kenya for helping me to read and write. ” Pastor Phillip Lotuk

It was a great day of celebration when 382 learners in Turkana County graduated out of 587 from the Bible Society of Kenya literacy programme in Turkana County on February 6th, 2020. The programme in conducted in 20 centres spread from Turkana Central, Loima and Turkana North sub-counties.

Learners show off their certificates after successfully graduating from the literacy class

Turkana is the second largest County by landmass in Kenya and is considered one of the poorest with 18.1% illiteracy levels. The adult literacy rate in the County is at 20%.

Bible Society of Kenya has partnered with the Church and the government through the Directorate of Adult and Continuing education to empower the community in Turkana by availing classes for them to learn basic reading and writing skills in their mother tongue language so that they can read the Bible and improve their standards of living.

Most young ladies are not able to access education due to cultural practices including; early marriages, being married off at a tender age hence they must handle responsibilities they are not prepared for. Young men have mostly engaged in pastoralist activities hence most of them are not able to access education. 

There has been a great transformation in the area through this programme as testified by the learners and teachers.

“I am so thankful for the knowledge acquired from the Bible Society of Kenya. I did not know how to read Ngaturkana and even Swahili languages. Through this programme I am now able to read the Kiswahili and Turkana Bibles. May God bless BSK for the work you are doing to empower our community with knowledge and God’s word.” Pst. Leah, learner in Kalokol class.

“I have witnessed a lot of positive change in the lives of learners here in Turkana County. Most of them have never gone to school hence are not able to read and write. This programme has inspired a lot of hope in them and they are encouraged to pursue even greater levels of education. In 2019, two of our former students have been enrolled in formal education in grades three and four. Thank you BSK for empowering our community with knowledge and God’s word. ” Pst. James Ekomoa, Teacher Namoruputh class.

Kudos to the teachers who have worked tirelessly to ensure learners acquire skills and education in their mother tongue. Many of them are now able to run their business effectively, transact using their mobile phones, initiate income-generating activities, observe proper hygiene standards and read the Bible which gives them hope to forge ahead in life.

Our desire is to see many lives transformed through this programme as it will lead to better standards of living among the Turkana Community at large. We thank our partners for making this dream a reality. 



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