What necessitates a Bible Revision?

Written by Joy Balusi

April 30, 2021

You have probably come across a Revised Bible and wondered what the reason for revision is. Here are a few insights on why a Bible revision is done:

1.Archaic words and expressions

Older translations tend to use words and expressions that do not reflect current usage. They have either become obsolete, unnatural, or have changed in meaning or connotation.


Older translations usually represent literal renderings of either the biblical source languages or formal-equivalence translations of prestige languages in the area. Hebrew and Greek figurative language were translated literally, and the translated text is either not understood on not appreciated because of its foreignness.

3.Translation mismatches

Older translations need revision because at times translators did not manage to get the correct meanings of technical terms across in the receptor language.

4.Textual base

Many of the older established translations were done before the days of modern text-critical studies.

5.Exegetical issues

Exegetical positions taken by translators centuries or even decades ago may no longer be tenable and need to be scrutinized.

6.Typographical Errors

This arises due to errors in proofreading of text. Most older translations were done before the computer when translators could not benefit from computerized spell checks and other modern checking tools.

7. Orthographical and linguistic issues

People worldwide tend to be conservative as far as orthographies are concerned. However, from time-to-time linguists and language education experts usually recommend updating orthography.

8.Need for readers helps

Existing translations may not meet the needs of their users. Additional help such as introductions, footnotes, glossary, maps, tables, charts provide a reader with more resources while studying the Bible. They also provide an opportunity for addressing errors or weaknesses in translation.


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